Rocky Dundas Cambridge Cay

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…Hayden and Radeen in Rucky Dundas Cave

On our “bucket list” for many years! Finally the waves, winds and tides were in our favor and we blasted our 15 hp Yamaha, 10 foot AB dinghy down to the caves of Rocky Dundas south of Cambridge Cay. These photos show the adventure very well. Remember to click on the photos to enlarge these to full screen images.

My favorite photo model, Radeen
Looking up to the roof with the opening, water at the bottom with a small beach

Due to ocean currents near the cut, the coral is beautiful

Radeen swimming toward the caves

Large staghorn coral 

Notice the people standing in the cave

Suzy and Radeen challenge the caves. Our dinghies are tied to a park mooring ball.

Crystal clear waters abound in the Exumas

Sandy bottom and coral outcroppings 

Find the Blue Headed Wrasse, this one is for Kathy Heck

Look how clear the water is looking up to the surface!

Brain coral

This is the location of Rocky Dundas Caves, at #2 below. We were on a mooring ball at Cambridge Cay (Little Bells Cay) and took the dinghy to Rocky Dundas Caves, we also went to #3 Honeymoon Beach which has staghorn coral, and then the trail at #4 and the small islands at #5. Having a 10′ AB planing dinghy with a 15 hp 2 stroke Yamaha is really a great set up. It allows you to cover so much territory and it is mostly dry and high as it planes over the waves. I have some great videos running the dinghy on these legs.
The Google Map of the Rocky Dundas Cave Area, Exuma Land and Sea Park

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