Motoring Flat Calm Seas and Boat Buddies

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We have had only a few days this winter where the wind was NOT blowing 20-25 knots. Since leaving Miami on February 4th we have had endless weeks of 20-25 knot winds, gusting to 30 knots. Having a few days of zero wind turned out to be very unusual and a pleasant change. Here are some photos of this rare Exuma day. We motored from Staniel Cay south to Black Point to do laundry and to enjoy gathering with our good buddies Bob and Nina on IP 38 Moondance  and Dave and Suzy on IP 37 Cay Paraiso.

Selfie from the bow in zero winds

Even motoring is fun

Fuel boat waiting off Staniel Cay

Look at the bottom in 10-12 feet

Hayden’s selfie shadow off the bow

Too cool to not take 50 photos 🙂

Teak varnish against clear teal water 
Hayden, Nina, Bob, Radeen, wearing Androsia fabric from Julie of IP 31 Morning Grace

Radeen and Nina

Party on Island Spirit
Suzy, Bob, Dave, Radeen, Nina

Required Party Selfie on Island Spirit

Cruising, fun, fun, fun

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0 Replies to “Motoring Flat Calm Seas and Boat Buddies”

  1. Hummmm I looked real close there and I'm not sure but I think i saw some fresh roasted Pig Beach Ribs.

    A couple of calm days must be a treat after all the windy days. Just like a rainy day is a treat in the desert.

    Say hey to Nina and Bob for us.

    Headed to a Spring Training game today. Texas vs Kansas City.

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