Cumberland Island, Georgia

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Beautiful…spectacular…remote…undeveloped…breathtaking…scenic…a must visit….
bucket list… CHECK!

Photos are the best way to show Cumberland Island National Seashore, Georgia.
I shot about 100 photos but here are a few!

Typical path across the island
Sunset on Cumberland Island with Radeen
Wild Horse eating Spanish Moss, Cumberland Island
Isolation on the wind swept beaches
Eric and Patricia stroll the Cumberland Island Beach
You have to love Georgia
Birds along the beach working the shoreline
Space LAUNCH to MARS….We could see the trail. Thank you Bob W. for the call.
It will take eight and a half months for Curiosity to make the 345-million-mile journey to Mars!
One of my favorite sea birds….check that hair 🙂
Crowded day at the beach, other than Eric and Patricia, this was it for many miles!
The Carnegie Estate called DUNGENESS in the 1880s
Today, the estate is in ruins and is part of the National Parks Property
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