Chihuly Birthdays Boats Brokers

What a wonderful day, celebrating Radeen’s 60th birthday with Alan and Kathy of IP420 Flatlander! Alan’s birthday is also in March and we were happy to celebrate together again. We shared fond memories of Alan’s Spanish Cay birthday a few years ago. Radeen thoroughly enjoyed her Moet & Chandon Imperial champagne, parmesan shrimp over angel hair pasta and creme brulee. It was a day to remember!
We have become too busy to blog! I used to blog every day or two. Now, I am running around touring the fantastic Miami area, taking in the sights, showing yachts, gathering with Island Packet Owners, renting cars, and provisioning the boat with the hopes of taking the NEXT weather window to the Bahamas. We have enjoyed several more IP mini-vous on the porch at Coconut Grove with IP380 Shawnee, IP380 Tamarak, IP38 Oceana, IP31 Pepromenon and IP27 Time Goes By. We also caught up with S&J yacht brokers, Michele and Jim for dinner and had breakfast in Tampa with our friend, Blaine, but have no photos to prove it!
Our original IP flotilla (IP440 Emerald Isle, IP420 Flatlander and IP38 Holiday) sailed over while we supported our yacht listing, showing a beautiful IP35 to my Rock Hall broker friend Jim and his buyers. Driving to Tampa is 5 hours from Miami but we enjoyed the time spent showing the boat, reconnecting with Jim and meeting the potential buyers. We stayed at Craig’s condo and had a fun time visiting and catching up with him and Liana.
This has been a very breezy winter with lots of east wind and very few opportunities to sail to the Bahamas. We planned to be here in Miami all of February with boat shows and our Denmark friends visiting to present seminars about their Arctic sailing, Now it is mid March and we are still here in Miami. Not a bad thing, as we do love it here, but we are looking for a weather window to move over to the Abacos. We plan to spend March, April and part of May in the Abacos. Now if we can only get the boat ready and a few items fixed and find the winds to allow us to cross, we will make the jump over.
Here are some photos to catch up on over the past three weeks.
Oops….ran out of fuel, towboat and mega yacht
Touring Fort Lauderdale homes

Hayden, Radeen, Kathy and Alan of IP420 Flatlander

Dale Chihuly glass and Butterflies at Fairchild Botanical Gardens

Butterfly in the enclosure at Fairchild. This is the same butterfly as the next photo!

This butterfly is nearly invisible on a wooden log with its wings closed.

Chihuly exhibit on the water

My favorite Chihuly photo

Happy Birthday Radeen, champagne celebration at The Charthouse
This is the Weather window we let go, full moon rising at sunset

WYS mobile office, Miami, Hayden works every where

At “the Office” working 🙂

Rental car upgrade, Chevy Malibu LTS, for 4 days to run to Tampa

South Beach Wallcast, again, this time Bach and Vivaldi Coffeehouse, a fantastic night

Haul out and survey of the IP35 we have listed, such a beautiful yacht

Survey and Sailing the IP 35 we have listed. Brand new sails

Wawa has made it to Florida, YAHOO, love their coffee!

Road Trip, driving Miami to Tampa to Miami, via The Everglades

Bumped into Boat Buddies Bob and Nina at West Marine….AGAIN!

Nothing left to buy in Miami, it is all on Island Spirit

Radeen buying even more provisions and trying to store it all on the boat

Melges 20 World Regatta this week with 45 boats and many well-known sailors

Working at my local coffee shop

We always enjoy this sculpture at the local school

21.2 amps coming into the boat via solar

12.96 volts on the house bank

522 Amp Hours of a 525 amp hour bank = FULL

Boat runs on wind and solar power
Saturday winds, 20-25 knots and not SE, but ESE, this would be a beat
with winds 40 degrees off the starboard bow
Sunday winds, lighter, but a little more SE
This would be a motor sail….yet again!

The hardest part of any trip is LEAVING the comfort and safety of port. Trying to figure out the winds and sea state for a gulf stream crossing is a real challenge.

Play the Weather Router Game yourself, and look at this link. Use the GFS winds and look at the winds. Then look at the waves. When would you cross????

Denmark Sailors Visit

…Judith and Haakon enjoy a fine red wine
when we Dine with Reuben…

We have just wrapped up a two week visit with Judith and Haakon, Island Packet 380 TOUCHE owners, who flew into Fort Lauderdale, Florida and presented Arctic Sailing seminars at the Miami boat show and the Coconut Grove Sailing Club. We have been planning and anticipating their visit for months.

The IPYOA Flag
with the Danish Cruising Club Flag

When special events like this arrive, they seem to happen so fast and before you know it, the fun is over! We are sad to see this time end, but the amazing aspect is all events and activities turned out to be better than planned. We really enjoyed getting to know Judith and Haakon and we appreciate their effort and expense of flying here from Copenhagen Denmark. Their seminars were about the two months they spent last summer far above the Arctic Circle as they explored the island of Svalbard. They reached the northern latitude of 80 degrees. After swimming with icebergs and photographing polar bears, beluga whales, puffins, geese, arctic fox, walruses, and beautiful fjords and icebergs, they sailed south to the northern tip of Norway.

Here is a list summary of our two weeks:

Wed Feb 11, Judith and Haakon fly in from Denmark
Thur Feb 12, We connect and meet with lunch onboard and we tour the club
Thur Feb 12, IPYOA meet and greet 18 IPowners, then dinner together at Green Street Cafe
Fri Feb 13, Boat show, Judith is on a panel discussion with Jimmy Cornell and Ellen Leonard, Lunch with Reuben IP380 PRIORITY and Dinner with Reuben and Al IP32 HALF MOON
Sat Feb 14, Boat Show, Judith seminar on Arctic Sailing, tour show, dinner with 6 Danish friends
Sun Feb 15, Coconut Grove Art Show tour
Mon Feb 16, Boat Show, Judith seminar on Arctic Sailing, tour show, dinner at Tokyo Blue Miami
Tue Feb 17, Day off, Sailing on IP380 PRIORITY, thank you, Reuben!
Wed Feb 18, Coconut Grove Sailing Club dock and Judith seminar Arctic Sailing, 55+ people
Wed Feb 18, Boat Buddies IP38 MOONDANCE, Bob and Nina stay onboard
Thur Feb 19, Relax at CGSC Docks, too windy to sail due to Arctic Vortex Cold Blast, 30 knots
Fri Feb 20, Sail to Boca Chita Lighthouse with IP38 HOLIDAY, Champagne toast and cannons
Sat Feb 21, Sail Boca to South Beach, anchor, WallCast Concert with SHAWNEE & HOLIDAY
Sun Feb 22, Return at 9am to Coconut Grove Sailing Club, Judith and Haakon drive to Key West
Sun Feb 22, Boat Buddy SP CATSPAW Carey boards for a day of sailing, Brunch with IP380 PRIORITY, Reuben and Molli and Dinner with IP380 SHAWNEE, Drew and Deb.
Mon Feb 23, Wash boat and water up at the CGSC docks, Judith swims with Dolphins in Fl Keys
Tue Feb 24, Judith and Haakon visit Harbour Cay Club to meet the Island Packet Fleet there at the Tiki Hut and return to Island Spirit
Wed Feb 25, Casual Breakfast onboard, Drive to Ft. Lauderdale, West Marine shopping, take a New River boat tour of yachts and homes, Lunch with IP38 MOONDANCE, Bob and Nina, coffee and treats at Cheesecake Factory, Flight out at 2200, we Uber Car back to CGSC.

What a fantastic two weeks. We really packed in a lot of activities, days of sailing and boat show and even a WallCast. We love when a plan comes together and when it is even better than expected!

Here are some photos….

Jimmy Cornell with Judith assisting

Judith, Seth, Ellen and Haakon
Seth and Ellen Leonard sail Alaska and attempt the NW Passage

High Latitude Panel, Judith, Ellen and Jimmy

George Day of Blue Water Magazine and Judith

Judith with Lamar and Sherry, IP420 Winterset

Judith explains the Gulf Stream and its effect on UK and the Arctic
Fine dining always with boat buddy Reuben, IP 380 PRIORITY, our good friend
Our table at the Coconut Grove Sailing Club seminar
Sponsored by Whiteaker Yacht Sales

Judith at the podium CGSC

Thank you, Debbie and Ed Whiteaker,
for sponsoring Judith and supporting our IPYOA fleet

We moved Island Spirit to the docks for the seminar

Judith and Haakon present the Club with the Danish Cruising Club Burgee
IP29 DRIFT, Dan and Chiara

Judith at the Coconut Grove Sailing Club with
club members Dan and Chiara, IP29 DRIFT
The seminar room at CGSC, all set up and ready to go

The advertising posters made by CGSC to promote the Arctic Event

Happy smiles after the seminar. Seminar #4 complete!

Boat Buddies Bob and Nina, IP38 MOONDANCE
Made the trip in/out via train and bus, thank you for coming to the seminar
Happy Sailing team at BOCA CHITA, the most beautiful place

Our team atop the light at Boca Chita

Two boats sailed to Boca Chita, IP35 Island Spirit and IP38 HOLIDAY

Sunrise on the Lighthouse and Island Spirit

25-30 knots E winds, let’s sail north to South Beach

Selfie Hayden and Judith heading into the SoBe Wallcast

At the New World Symphony WallCast about 4:30, 3 hours before the concert, we get our spot

The projector and our front row space, front and center

Sunday beach day with boat buddy Carey, SP CATSPAW

GoPro photo sailing dead downwind

GoPro selfie of the champagne team at Boca Chita
Radeen made a fantastic dinner and Pat and Deb brought the best desert
Chocolate Wine and Russell Stover Candy!
Thank you again Judith and Haakon for flying to Florida and sharing your adventures!
Next up….Prepare for the BAHAMAS trip….here we go.

Coconut Grove Florida Base

..Island Spirit at Coconut Grove..

We have moved from Harbour Cay Club, in Marathon, FL, up north to Coconut Grove Sailing Club in the Miami area on beautiful Biscayne Bay. We were so very lucky when we arrived in the harbor! A mooring owner had just left for two months, opening up a front row mooring, number A-12 and we were able to take it immediately. This is unreal, lucky us! We wanted to be based here in the CGSC mooring field because our friends and Island Packet Yacht owners from Denmark, Judith and Haakon, will be here Feb 11-25, 2015. Basing here, we can easily come and go to shore using the club’s 24/7 launch service. We also decided to join the club as a non Florida resident since this club has been so helpful and kind in setting up the seminar that Judith and Haakon are presenting on Feb 18 at 7pm.

IP 380 TOUCHE off Svalbard

These adventurous sailors sailed north from to the Island of Svalbard, far above the Arctic circle. They spent July and August last summer as far as 80 degrees north. The sun never sets all summer long above the circle! They also jumped off their boat to swim with icebergs. OMG, that is crazy. They saw polar bears, walruses, puffins and more. What turned out to be an invite to come over and spend a couple of weeks in Miami has grown into three Miami Boat Show presentation and one Sailing Club presentation sponsored in part by Ed and Debbie Whiteaker of Whiteaker Yacht Sales. THANK YOU! Judith and Haakon are the latest super stars among our Island Packet Fleet and we look forward to hosting them.

What do we like about the Coconut Grove Area?

Coco Walk our local hangout at Starbucks

WOW, what is there not to like? We love the beautiful waterfront with palm trees and walkways for miles along the water. These walkways lead into city parks with rubberized trails and boardwalks along Biscayne Bay. Coconut Grove has a town center, half a mile up the hill from the harbor, where you will find pubs, restaurants, Starbucks Coffee shop, surf shops, movie theaters and much more. We go for 4 mile walk every day. First, we ride the launch into the docks and then hit the parks and trails, usually taking a coffee break along the return route.  We really like spending time in the Coconut Grove area.

Typical action at the sailing club

The CGSC has a club bar and a cafe where they have taco night on Tuesdays for $5, fajitas on Wednesdays for $13, and live bands usually on Friday night. The bar has a happy hour every week night with 2 for 1 drinks. All this is only open to club members. The club also hosts world class sailing events and sailing classes open to the public. Last week it was the RsX world cup and this weekend the Melges 20 Audi Cup is here. We have bumped into several Olympic sailors and have seen sailors from all over the world. This is THE sailing club in Florida.

Here are some photos of the area.

Sailing Biscayne Bay with Miami over the bow


The Coconut Grove Sailing Club Bar

Island Packet Buddies, Hayden, Roger IP45 Sanderling and Dave IP37 Cay Paraiso

Our local shopping Fresh Markets store

View of the Harbor from the Sailing Club Bar

Radeen at the club

Hayden, happy to be sailing Biscayne Bay

Heading over to South Beach for the weekend for a Wallcast Concert

Typical car in SoBe

Island Packet Buddies Jim and Loretta IP380 Plan Sea with Radeen

The Collin’s Canal, passing under bridges via the dinghy into SoBe

The Main Channel at Miami on a Friday, 5 ships

Ahhhh, sailing on Super Bowl Sunday

My favorite photo subject, Radeen checking her phone

Now THIS is the way to do laundry, drop it off, pick it up finished

Remember, this is a sailing club, Here is a Melges 20 sailing off our cockpit

Our beautiful walking route along the harbor at Diner Key Marina

They presold 85% of these new twin high rises before construction started
1 to 2 million dollar condos. Coconut Grove is one of THE Place to live in South Florida

We plan to be here until the beginning of March when we will look for a weather window to sail to the Bahamas and into the Abacos. Sail along….

Lost in Paradise Harbour Cay Club

Typical sunset, Marathon, Florida…

We have been lost in the peace, and the beauty of Harbour Cay Club, HCC a small paradise in Marathon, Florida. We have been here since Dec 16 and we will depart tomorrow, Jan 21. We will move back north to Miami where we will stage up for the Miami Boat Show and our friends Judith and Haakon arriving from Denmark. In the mean time, please forgive us for not blogging and posting updates, but the time here is priceless. We skipped last year due to our IPY refit program, but decided to return here for Christmas 2014. What a joy it has been. Good friends Craig and Liana came down for Christmas and rented the condo, the best deal on the east coast! We toured Key West and sailed Florida Bay and had a wonderful time together.

Christmas 2014 on the boat

The HCC club had a great Christmas Dinner and a New Years Day Dinner, thanks to the wonderful owners of Harbour Cay Club. Radeen and I both agree, there is no place like HCC that we have found from Maine to Key West. This place is very special, hands down. The property owners are so kind and so friendly making you feel welcome in their home marina. It is a 24 slip marina, where there are only about 9 slips for rent. The rest are filled with the fine yachts of the liveaboard owners. This place is a small and peaceful. It is  a beautifully kept gem that is private. You are a guest in the home of the owners and the 2.5 acres grounds, clubhouse, lanai, tiki hut, bathhouse, and landscaping show their pride of ownership. We feel honored to call the owners our friends. We feel at HOME here at Harbour Cay Club, what a great month it has been. We love it here! We already booked in for two months next year as we plan an Island Packet Fleet sail from HCC to Cuba 2016! So plan to come on down and Harbour Cay Club and join our fleet. You will LOVE it here.

Here are my best photos of the month…..enjoy…

NOTE: These photos cover from Vero Beach, heading south on the ICW, through Fort Lauderdale to Marathon Key and then Harbour Cay Club.


Happy New Year 2015

We hope your New Year is off to a great start. We are excited for our 2015 and the adventures that await us as we sail back into the Bahamas and then Home to MD.