Always Home at Greg and Kates

…Team Selfie Beaufort NC…

Our first visit with Greg and Kate was in 2008 when we were moving the boat from Vero Beach Florida to Block Island RI and involved in Drexel’s Online Graduate School at the same time. I first met Greg via our Island Packet Yachts email server and discussion list. Greg and Kate previously owned IP350 Ei’lean and now cruise in a serious land yacht, a 40 foot Tiffin Motor Coach, to far flung places such as The Yukon and Alaska.

Kate, Eric, Patricia, Greg

Now 7 years later and many visits north and south we count this stop, along the ICW, as one of our “Homes” because Greg and Kate make us feel so welcome, so comfortable and are such wonderful friends.  We visit, chat, eat a fabulous home cooked “Momma Kate” dinner, drink fine wines, play with The Doodles, go shopping, examine the motor coach upgrades and dock our boat at their home. Our buddy boats dock one mile down the road at Town Creek Marina and we all gather at the “Homestead.” Our tradition is that Kate spoils us with her wonderful home cooking and then the next night we try to spoil them at one of the fine restaurants of Beaufort, NC on the waterfront. Buddy boat IP460 Cutter Loose with Eric and Patricia and IP380 Priority with Molli and Reuben completed our team visit. Thank you so very much for taking your time to spoil us so thoroughly. We really enjoy our time at “The Beaufort Rest Home for Wayward Sailors.”

Kate and Patricia

IP460 Cutter Loose Eric and Patricia

Greg is a mater Barista with his wonderful coffee

Island Spirit flying the IPY and Whiteaker Yacht Sales Flags
The Office Open

Island Spirit, the office

Radeen and Kate

One of several fine wines Greg shared from his wine cellar

Love the DOODLES, this is LUCY, she will play catch all day

Doodle Lover Hayden holds GRACIE, sooooo much fun

Greg and Kate and the Doodles with “The BUS”

 Sadly we will be moving on south towards our planned stops, next stop Wrightville Beach after Mile Hammock Bay. Why Wrightsville? Why Not?

MD to NC 7 days

…7 Days down the ICW…

We left the Annapolis MD Boat Show on Monday and here we are 7 days later in River Dunes North Carolina. The run south, as usual, is a motor run plus a jib sail when this can be added. This is a casual run, but at the same time, you are running 8-10 hours every day and you need to cover the distances. For example, here are the legs we ran so far. Annapolis to Solomons. Solomons to Dymer Creek, VA. Dymer Creek to Hampton VA. Hampton to Coinjock. Coinjock to Alligator River/Pungo Canal Deep Creek Point. Deep Creek Point to River Dunes, NC. We traveled 150 miles down the Chesapeake Bay and 173 miles down the ICW. That makes a total so far of 323 miles divided by 7 days equals 46 miles a day average! So, you can see it takes time and effort to make the run down the coast.

25 knots gusting 30 knots

We are working on the Spot mapping integration and interactive map. We use an old simple SPOT satellite transmitter that sends our position reports to our blog when we press a button. We also use a service called that picks up where the SPOT company dropped the ball. SpotWalla takes our positions and then creates trip maps for us within any date range we set up. Our current SpotWalla map will run from Oct 1, 2015 to June 1 2016 and it will be archiving and drawing a line connecting every place we travel. We find this really interesting and a great way to share the trip. Since we do not have our transmitter report on an automatic bases, we simply press the button at key points along the way and at every place where we spend a night. Below is the link to our current SpotWalla live map.

Thank you for sailing along. Onward towards Florida and the Bahamas….

Here are some photos as we motored VA to NC

Our first cold front, 42 degrees F, brrrrrr

The view from the helm, notice the full enclosed cockpit, keeps the wind and spray down
Some day we will enjoy the fire pits at River Dunes

…and the sofas and fireplace as well

Radeen at the helm

Sunset at Deep Creek Pungo River Canal

Radeen and Hayden out with the team in Oriental NC

Southbound 2015 MD-FL

…Required selfie off Thomas Point Lighthouse…

Running south on the AICW, Atlantic Intracoastal Waterway is always a fun trip that is far easier than you expect before you go. This is our 5th year of making this run from Maryland to Miami Florida and we now know the various stops and the route south. Each day is usually different with so may fascinating waterfront homes, towns, bridges, locks and turns in the rivers that we never seem to get bored. With our boat running at 6 knots through the water, we can usually cover about 50 miles in a day. (Imagine jogging from MD to FL, it takes lots of time)

460 Cutter Loose out our porthole makes us happy

Figure 1,000 miles to Miami and we plan 20+ days minimum of moving to reach the goal. Schedule in weather days where you simply do not want to move due to high winds and this will push the trip to 30 days. Oh and don’t forget to add in stops at our favorite towns and places like, Beaufort NC at Greg and Kate’s, Wrightsville Beach NC, Charleston SC, Fernandina Beach FL, Vero Beach  FL, Fort Lauderdale and Miami, FL and you extend the travel time even more. Or primary targets are Charleston Nov 1-6, Vero Beach, FL for Thanksgiving, and Miami early December with Christmas #5 at Harbour Cay Club in Marathon Key Fl. After that, we are still planning.

Thank you for sailing along with us once again, please leave us your comments or use the contact us link, both send directly to our phone and our email box. We love to hear you.

Here are some photos Annapolis MD to Great Bridge VA

Radeen enjoys our first sunset off Solomon Island MD

20-25 knot Headwinds as we push south

Salt spray and waves over the upper windshield

Sunset Reward on anchor in VA

Sunrise over 380 Priority and 460 Cutter Loose, Dymer Creek, VA

Sunrise leaving the creek

Typical rush hour sun glare

Radeen gets “Locked Up” at Great Bridge lock

Island Packet Mini-vous
420 Tile, 35 Island Spirit, 460 Cutter Loose, 40 Dream Catcher

Dropping anchor 460 Cutter Loose

Sunrise, Cutter Loose

My best photo this trip, sunrise Dymer Creek, VA

380 Priority at sunrise

I really enjoy taking this early am photos

Going to work, Norfolk VA

Left to Great Bridge, Right to Dismal Swamp
We took the Great Bridge route this year

Once again, we are running our SPOT MAP which shows where we are with our latest position (SPOT) showing up on our home page top right. Then we also use which is building a total trip archive map Oct to June as we travel. Enjoy the adventure.

IPYOA Annapolis Noon Luncheons

WOW, what a turnout we had at the 2015 IPYOA Noon Pit Beef Luncheons on the roof deck of the Fleet Reserve. (See image) This is an informal gathering of the Island Packet Fleet that has been going on for years. After stopping by the IPY Booth, visiting with the IP brokers and looking at the new yachts, we head to the Fleet Reserve, grab lunch, and head up to the Roof Top Deck and look for other IPY owners. If we all have on IPY stickers, or IPY hats, or IPY gear, then it is easy to connect and find each other. We gather around the tables, share some news, meet, chat, learn, and share IP stories. It is informal and very fun. This year we had an average of 25 Island Packet Owners at each of the daily luncheons. What a great time! Bill Bolin stopped up on Friday and visited with several new IPY owners. It was very nice to have the Island Packet Factory participate in these daily luncheons. By around 2-3 PM, we would scatter and go our own way into the massive Annapolis boat show.

Here is a summary of the attendees per day: Thank you to all who made the effort to stop in and connect with others. It was great to meet so many owners and especially the happy new owners.

These are my postings to our Facebook group, as I summarized after each day…

Thursday Luncheon 24 owners+
IP 40 SeaQuinn, Sandra and Warren
IP 380 Aspen, Steve and Maria
IP35 Marabelle, Terri & Jane
IP 420 Pappys Packet, Pam and A D
IP 45 (St. Pete, FL) Sharon and John
IP 460 Mandala, Ron and Nancy
IP 420 Tmbleweed, Jane and Gilbert
IP 45 Endurance, Tess and Tony
IP 420 Black and Tan, Mirna and Conrad
IP 38 Spindrift, Rick and Christi?
IP 380 Navy Blue, Rick and Karen
IP 35 Island Spirit, Hayden and Radeen
These are the Island Packet Owners who attended the Thursday Noon luncheon. I am sure I missed some. Who else was there????

FRIDAY NOON Luncheon Attendees…26 owners+
IP 420 Pappys Packet,Pam and A.D.
IP 40 Tintean, Ken Aiken
IP 460 Cutter Loose, Eric and Patricia
IP 380 Priority, Reuben and (Molli)
IP 37 Finistere, Ed and Pat
IP 380 Aspen, as in Around the World Aspen, Steve and Maria
IP 40 Relationship, as in 3 time owner 31, 35, 40 Chuck
IP 380 Namaste, Lindsay Geza
IP 320 Emoyeni, John and Lynda
IP 27 Meridian, Dan and Barb
IP 370 Moon Eye Valerie and Rick
IP 27 Southern Girl John and Kyrah
IP 380 Windermire, Otto and Bonnie
IP 35 Island Spirit, Hayden and Radeen
Island Packet Factory: Bill Bolin
I am sure I missed someone….who did I miss???please comment. Thank you.

Sat Noon Luncheon…27 owners. The IP fleet is strong, and connected.
IP 35 Lucille, Jeff and Sharon
IP 27 Ariel, Ken and Jean
IP 35 Eau de Vie, David
IP 380 Island Time, John and Genie
IP 440 Vivo, Steve and Linda as in new owners, congrats
IP 380 Tainui, Eric and Kathy
IP 27 Kattyshack, Bill and Marj
IP 31 Elinor Steve and Pat
IP 380 Navy Blue, Steve and Pat as in new owners, congrats
IP 420 Oro Negro, Conrad and Mirna
IP 32 Betelgeuse, Steve and Karen
IP 440 Nautilee, Lee Laurie, as in Land Down Under! FUN
IP 440 Emerald Isle, Bob and Maureen
IP 380 Emerald Isle, Bob and Maureen as in I own TWO IPs! Buy my 380
IP 420 Pappys Packet, Pam and A.D.
IP 40 Knee Deep, Dave and (Joyce)
IP 35 Island Spirit, Hayden and Radeen
I am sure I missed some one….did I?

Sunday NOON Luncheons…..20 IPY Owners
IP 38 Namaste, Geza and Lindsay
IP 380 Indigo, Linda and Grahan
IP 38 Marysol, Mary and (Mark)
IP 380 Tainui, Eric and Kathy
IP 350 Big Friend, Kirk and June
IP 420 Pappys Packet, Pam and A D
IP 420 Ore Negro, Conrad and Mirna
IP 485 Sanctuary, Michael and (Sheryl Lynn)
IP 35 Carried Away, Tom and Hellen and Brady
IP 440 Nautilee, Lee Laurie
IP 35 Island Spirit, Hayden and Radeen
…again, I am sure I missed someone, who did I miss???

THIS is a total of 76 unique Island Packet Yacht Owners, and I am proud to have met you all. We really need more time to visit and to share. Thank you again.

Maybe next year, we can coordinate better with the local IPY dealer to bring the famous IPY stickers, These provide all of us with FREE advertising for the Island Packet Product Line as we walk around the show. What a great idea.

RV Trip 1

A quick post (to be updated later, we hope) our RV Camping trip #1 was fantastic and I can see WHY boaters sell their yachts and buy a motor home. It is ten times easier, ten times more comfortable and all systems are the same. Yes these are called “Land Yachts” and I can see why. We treaveled 2,100 miles in 3 weeks with Punkie and Shane, Radeen’s sister and brother-in-law. We used our nephew’s rig, a 31 foot Fleetwood Tioga Motor Home. I shot 2,100 photos and I still need to go through them and pick the best ones. We will make a proper summary at that point. 
We were home 10 days before moving out and back onto our boat and now, we are heading south to the Bahamas. So, this is a quick, place holder post to be updated later….Thanks for following along.

RV Camping Map

We will be taking our first RV camping trip, with Radeen’s family, out west as we explore the National Parks of Colorado and Utah. We will be using Mark and Tammy’s 31 foot RV and following Punkie and Shane (Radeen’s sister and brother-in-law) with their own rig. This will be our first RV trip, and we hope to learn a lot about running an RV. We imagine it is very similar to boating which is why they are sometimes called a “Land Yacht.”

Here is the planned route and stops where we will spend 2-3 days at each location.

Our RV Camping Map Plan 2015 

For an interactive Google Map, click here 

then ZOOM in and look at the route details

Land Yachting begins now, let’s see what this is like…..

Alaska Cruise

Alaska, the Last Frontier is one of the most beautiful places on earth. We joined Radeen’s family, and together we celebrated our 35th and Lee and Judi’s 50th anniversary along with their children, Darren and Tanya. We boarded the cruise ship, Celebrity Solstice, in Seattle Washington and enjoyed a 7 day cruise to Ketchikan and Juneau and then sadly the captain diverted away from Skagway due to a 50 mph gale storm. Our final port of call was Victoria in British Columbia, Canada. From there we sailed back to Seattle. The voyage into the TRACY ARM FJORD will remain the most beautiful place we have ever seen. Hands down, it is breathtaking, nothing like we had even imagined!

I shot 1,700 photos, the best 100 photos are in this slideshow providing 5 minutes of enjoyment. 🙂 When playing the YouTube, maximize the video for best viewing. Enjoy.

To view these photos full screen, please see this Picasa web album LINK.
—– If you are short on time, then below are the seven best photos….of 1,700 —–
Click the image for a larger view.
Ice floats past the cruise ship in Tracy Arm Fjord

Tracy Arm Fjord, one of the most beautiful places on earth! 

Radeen takes Hayden taking a photograph, very cool.
Photo-Boy at work

Radeen in the Fjord, brrrrrr, it is cold

The views are so beautiful

Sisters Creek in Ketchikan, Alaska
Lee, Judi, Hayden
Tanya, Darren, Radeen
We clean up well, formal night on the cruise ship

Thank you all for following along with our travel adventures. Please leave us a comment or send us an email, or message us on FB. We really enjoy hearing from you all.

If you like our YouTube Videos, then here is a link to ALL our videos.

Next up…..Arizona family visit, then off to New Mexico, Colorado, Utah, and back to Arizona as we try out Mark and Tammy’s RV for a family camping trip for 3 weeks!

Summer 2015

…we complete our 4th year of cruising…

We arrived back at our home dock, in Rock Hall, MD and there we serviced the boat with fluid changes, compounding and waxing, cleaning the hull, and varnishing the teak. After sailing a few weekends with friends, we hauled the boat out at Haven Harbour Marina and headed to PA for a summer break off the boat.

At home, we returned to working on our new master bathroom which we started last summer. This year, we selected the tile, accent stripe and finished the room. We are enjoying being home, seeing friends and catching up on what everyone has been doing. We especially enjoy visiting our neighbor, Donn, and his adorable mom, Flossie, who both are so kind and helpful. Donn maintains the most beautiful flowers and landscaping beds. It is a joy to see this right across the street from our house. Here are some photos of this wonderful summer of 2015!

Radeen reflects on our 4th year of Bahama Cruising
At home, we returned to work on the new master bath
The sundial on our deck, mounted there 30 years ago!

Gail and Freddie joined us for July 4th

Gail and Radeen heading to Annapolis, MD

Freddie and Gail on “The Yacht” 

Island Spirit decorated for the 4th of July in Annapolis, MD for
the Naval Academy Band and fabulous fireworks

The required Chick and Ruth’s Delly

Gail and Freddie in the photo alley, Annapolis, MD

Radeen waxing the boat

At home, Jim and Gail, our Bahama Buddies, stop in for a visit

Wendy on the bow as we sail for Annapolis, MD

Craig at the helm, giving an upwind tacking demo to a Beneteau

Radeen and Wendy sailing into Annapolis, MD

We made it! The Bay Crossing celebration, Annapolis, MD

Our live music program is run by Craig and “The Band” very fun!

I really like this photo alley, here are Wendy and Craig

St, Michael’s is also a great town, let’s sail there.
Fireworks for a wedding made for a memorable night!

St. Michael’s flower gardens are beautiful

Team Selfie required, Craig and Wendy

Back to that master bathroom again, sealing the concrete board

Travertine tile and the stone accent stripe

Back to the boat for our 35th wedding anniversary

More waxing and varnishing, our 35th wedding present, a beautifully maintained yacht

Back home, Diane and Gene share a BBQ with us and catch up

Ahh, the grout is finished, looking good

The overall look worked out. The black stripe picks up the black granite tops.

Anita and Mark and family stopped over for a cookout. Sooooo much fun

One last sail of the summer to try out our new main sail (a generous gift from a fellow IP 35 owner)
WOW, thank you, Richard! This is beautiful!
Radeen, trimming the jib, or maybe sleeping. She loves to sail

Sailing across the bay, testing out the new main sail

Back to more varnishing, we use this product

One more service coat on the entire boat, she is ready for a summer rest

Empty the refrigerator, clean out the boat

Take off the jib and stay sails

Decommission the dinghy, engine and fuel tanks

Turn over the boat to the marina. Here comes the haul out crane, we are going home

Island Spirit takes a summer break until Oct 1, 2015
(photo credit Jane of IP-420 Tumbleweed, formerly IP380 Memphis Belle)
My student, David, and wife, Candace, introduced us to Mackenzie, fun fun fun!
Radeen enjoying 14 month old Mackenzie
Hayden, Radeen, David, Mackenzie and Candace

Hayden and Radeen 🙂
Concert Buddies, Dr. Chris, Cindi 20/20, Maria and P.J. 
O.A.R. plays the song, I feel Home, What a great band.
And now on to the NEXT adventure… ALASKAN CRUISE to celebrate our 35th….

along with Radeen’s brother and sister-in-law celebrating their 50th with family

Home is Reached 2015

…Hayden sails to Rock Hall, MD…

And this is a WRAP. We closed the loop of Maryland to Florida to Abaco, Bahamas, to Maryland on Saturday, June 20, 2015 when we returned to our home dock in Rock Hall, Maryland. Our last blog post had us departing Portsmouth, VA and sailing for our home area of Annapolis and Rock Hall. Well, we always turn into Annapolis and take a mooring ball for a time of reflection and celebration, and this year the celebration coincided with a birthday party for Ken of  IP40 Tintean. His lovely wife, Sara, was hosting a party for Ken on Friday night in Annapolis at their condo/marina/pool resort!

Sara and Ken, our Bahamas buddies and good friends

So, after a quick stop and Thursday night / Friday morning in Annapolis, we motored over to Ken and Sara’s dock and had a fantastic time visiting our buddies and swimming in their beautiful pool. The birthday party was a blast with their interesting friends and neighbors. Our mutual friends of IP460 Cutter Loose, Eric and Patricia, stopped by as they had just driven into town to work on their yacht. What a fantastic place and facilities the Severn House complex is! We can see why Sara and Ken chose to live there and dock their boats there. Top notch facilities and beautifully landscaped grounds, walkways and pool, with lively neighbors, too. Thank you, Sara and Ken, for the dockage and the great party.

Hayden and Radeen sail under the Chesapeake Bay Bridge

The next day, we departed to make our final jump to our home dock in Rock Hall, where we reconnected with Madelyn, the marina owner and our friend of 24 years. There is something very special to us in returning to the exact slip where we built these sailing and cruising dreams. We first docked at Spring Cove Marina in 1992. In 2001, we built and commissioned Island Spirit here. Over the next ten years, we dreamt of going off cruising and someday sailing to the Bahamas. Now, all these years later, after accomplishing many goals, we sailed back to the same slip where we first formed our dreams. There is something magical about this and we really love it. This is our HOME dock and always will be. You know that there is no place like home.

Jeff and Sharon, our good friends

While docked for the weekend, we had a wonderful time with Jeff and Sharon, our great friends of many years and fellow IP owners, IP35 Lucille. Jeff and I have worked many hours on each of our boats, Jeff more on ours than us on his. We have cruised together and even shared BVI charter vacations together. Again, it was great to come home and spend time with these dear friends.

Mike and Betsey gave us a ride to PA

Speaking of close friends, Betsey and Mike, sailing buddies from our Lake Nockamixon days in the 1980s, also dock at Spring Cove. They offered to give us a ride home to PA to find our cars and our house. What a kind gesture that was! After all, Mike and Betsy, our most loyal Island Spirit Blog followers, took our car home to PA from MD when we sailed out in October. Thank you, Betsy and Mike, for all your wonderful help and support. We really appreciate this.

Hayden and Radeen in Saltbox 13 with “The Staircase”

Arriving home in PA, we found our cars at our local service center and drove them home, where we turned on the water, well pump, water heater, drained out the old water, flushed the pipes and checked out the property. WOW, it is great to be home. We built this place in 1984, a passive solar home, super insulated, and we are very proud of the project. Inside, we built all the millwork, cabinets, staircase, moldings and trim, flooring and furniture.

Saltbox 13, circa 1984 and still looking good

THIS is our home and always will be. We love it. We call it SALTBOX 13 because the design and architectural drawings (which I drafted) went through 13 revisions until we broke ground in April of 1984. We know this house so well and that is why we keep it.

We plan to off load the boat and put her away ASAP so we can take a break from boating, That way we will be ready to head south in October for year #5 with a fresh outlook. For now, we plan to be back and forth until we close up the boat and set ourselves up at home. Thanks for sailing along, it has been a great year!

Here are some photos….

Longtime Boat Buddies, Eric and Patricia of IP460 Cutter Loose
Radeen reflects on the Bay Bridge, we are home

Island Spirit knows how to sail under the Bay Bridge

HOME, Spring Cove Marina, the best of Rock Hall, MD

Radeen and Sharon on the porch at Spring Cove

THIS is OUR place, THE HARBOR SHACK, The BEST restaurant in Rock Hall, MD
Thank you, JIMMY, and all the great staff
Radeen’s favorite flower, Day Lilies, so we have many planted at home
Radeen, my favorite photo subject
A Mammatus Cloud Formation after a big storm 
Day Lilies frame our back deck
Radeen working the landscaping beds and the Day Lilies

Year #4 is a wrap and we feel so blessed and so lucky to be living this long planned dream. We are happy to share the adventures and photos with you and we appreciate you sailing along with us. Your comments are sent to us via email. We see every comment and enjoy your feedback.

Portsmouth to Maryland

The continuing push for our home dock was made as we departed the South Ferry Basin of Portsmouth, VA for a 155 nm run to Annapolis, MD.  Due to the high heat and threat of thunderstorms, we took slips at Deltaville Yachting Center in Deltaville, VA, and Calvert Marine in Solomons, MD. We can never pass by Annapolis without going to our favorite spot, Spa Creek, and taking a nice, calm, secure mooring ball just under the bridge. We took mooring ball #50, popped a bottle of Champagne and enjoyed reflecting on our 2,817 nautical mile journey. We departed Annapolis, on Oct 13, 2014, and now 8 months later, we returned “Home.” What a great trip year #4 has been! This was a review tour, returning to our favorite places like, Charleston, Biscayne Bay and The Coconut Grove Sailing Club, Harbour Cay Club and the great people there, Abaco, Bahamas with our home base at The Jib Room and the wonderful owners, and of course, Greg and Kate’s in Beaufort, NC. These are the special places we have fallen in love with over the past 4 years of cruising and we really enjoyed our times at each of them.

Now, back on our home waters of the Chesapeake Bay and only one day from our home dock in Rock Hall, it seems so surreal. The best part of being home will be seeing the friends and family we have missed! We will soon be back at our dock, and then we will be driving cars 65 mph down I-95, and running around in the crazy, busy pace of the Northeast. All the while, we will be planning and thinking about how soon we will return to these beautiful places south on the ICW and into the Bahamas only 4 months from now! The cruising life is a dream and we are so lucky to be living this dream. Thanks for sailing along with us.

Here are some photos of the last leg.

The best theater in USA, The Commodore in Portsmouth VA
Always a required show in Norfolk

The USS George H W Bush aircraft carrier off our bow!

A security boat kept us clear of the aircraft carrier

Look at this sailboat next to a container ship. This is WHY they scare us at night doing 20 knots!

15 containers wide

Radeen off watch and doing what librarians love to do


Cove Point Light House

Cove Point LPG ship terminal

Calm clear day, winds were to be 20 knots off our stern….nope

Thomas Point Lighthouse and Woodwind II off our port beam

Thomas Point Lighthouse, a screwpile piling lighthouse

Welcome to Annapolis Yacht Basin with a few large boats

There it is OUR Spa Creek Bridge, our favorite

Pop the champagne, we are home

Our Log with 2,817 nautical miles traveled since leaving here Oct 2014

Breakfast at Chick and Ruth’s is required and the Pledge to the flag is at 0830 on weekdays

Annapolis, MD State House Dome

Too beautiful

Radeen, my favorite model, strikes a pose

Hayden and Radeen, walking downtown Annapolis

Tall ship replica of LYNX a Baltimore Clipper Ship built in 1812
Baltimore Clipper complicated rigging

So, it is almost awrap, year #4 Maryland to Florida to Bahamas to Maryland. We feel blessed and very fortunate to be in this cruising life. Our next challenge will be getting home, starting our cars and setting up our home. Thank you for sailing along with us this year once again.

Here is a link and a picture of our 8 months on a map. Interactive MAP link here