2015 IPY Calendar

Judith sails above 80 degrees north!

This is the 12th year of the Island Packet Yachts calendar. The photos this year are from my own collection, plus one very special IP photo from Judith L. Jacobsen who sailed far above the Arctic Circle to the island of Svalbard. She and her husband are incredible sailors. (She even jumped in and swam among the icebergs!)

This year I also searched deep into my IP photo collection of over 100,000 pictures and found a fantastic shot of our IP racing days during the 2009 Rock Hall, Maryland rendezvous. In this photo, three IPs are sailing hard. Each photo tells a story, and I am very lucky to have taken so many great pictures of Island Packet Yachts.

 I hope you enjoy the photography and I thank you for supporting my IPY web projects. The $5 proceeds from the sale of each calendar helps to pay for the servers, software, programming support and software licenses needed to support and run IPphotos.com and IPYOA,com. The Island Packet Yacht factory does not pay for or donate money to support my web sites. These sites were created and built out of the passion I have for Island Packet Yachts as an owner since 1991. Thank you for your support.

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The Cover with the new IPY L24 Family Launch

To order a calendar, please follow this link: http://CafePress.com/ipphotos  Thank you!