Island Spirit on the Launch Pad 2009

Island Spirit is on the “launch pad” after months of work which began back on Easter Vacation, on April 9th, 2009. That makes 10 weekends of work and SHE IS READY! We have prepared Island Spirit every year for these long summer sails, but for some reason, this year seemed like a never ending process with another job added to the list each weekend. Our plan for this summer sail is to maximize our summer vacation from our teaching positions. This is our 1st summer of true freedom in 2 years without any Drexel Graduate School work. We plan to spent the entire month of July exploring the waters and beautiful harbors of Maine. So bundle up, get out your woolies, and sail along with us as we make the run to MAINE 2009.

Here is a list of tasks we (Radeen, Hayden & our #1 crew, Jeff) completed in our preparation for this trip.

  1. Epoxy barrier painted 2 coats on bare spots on the hull
  2. Sanded and refinished teak cabin sole with
  3. 2 coats of sanding sealer, 3 coats of top coat finish
  4. Bottom painted with Petit Trinidad Epoxy paint
  5. Re-painted boot stripe with a $5.00 spray can of Krylon Fusion Navy! Worked well.
  6. Compounded hull
  7. Waxed hull
  8. Re-designed bilge pump and shower sump systems
  9. Installed new pumps, new float switches and new hoses
  10. Removed shrink wrap cover
  11. Launched boat
  12. Flushed water system, re-connected water heater
  13. Flushed all water lines with Clorox to kill odors and bacteria
  14. Hoisted 135% Genoa Sail, wired & taped SS shackle
  15. Hoisted Cutter sail, wired and taped SS shackle
  16. Installed full enclosure, polished glass on dodger
  17. Replaced main and jib halyards
  18. Sent Jeff to the Masthead to remove & replace the B&G wind anemometer with new unit
  19. Removed and replaced B&G depth sounder
  20. Re-packed the stuffing box in the water!
  21. Took boat out and tested all systems; Radar, Autopilot, Wind, Speed, Windlass, etc)
  22. Changed primary and secondary fuel filters (primary – 30 micron RED)
  23. Changed oil, and oil filter (Oil= Shell Rotella 10-40W)
  24. Removed 250 feet of anchor chain and re-paintd 25’ markings (every 25’=yellow paint; every 100’=white paint)
  25. Soldered and made new RS232-DB9 Communication cable multiplexing GPS and AIS NEMA data into one USB cable.
  26. Installed SeaClear II nav system and connect to AIS radio, moving system to another laptop
  27. Purchased and stowed provisions for 2 months of cruising (trip #1=one FULL Costco shopping cart!)
  28. Serviced, repaired and brought back to life both folding bikes, returning them to near perfect condition
  29. Rode bikes and indexed gears, brake cables and lubed. Packed into bags for on deck storage
  30. Moved bikes onboard
  31. Loaded a total of 10 dock carts onto the boat! YES 10 DOCK CARTS
  32. Stowed all 10 carts, labeled all food, prepared menus and meal plans
  33. Removed AB Dinghy oarlock and re-glued new oar lock to Hypalon Inflatable
  34. Installed new ratcheting dinghy tie downs, old ones rusted. ($20 for 15 footers)

So that’s what we did to prepare for this trip. 10 weekends, Radeen, myself, and Jeff all worked on these jobs!

Now it’s time to head NORTH and discover new places….

PS: Look how I spoil Radeen with these beautiful EASTER Flowers and a “Fun” day of painting our wonderful boat.
She is sooooo SPOILED! 🙂

Proposed Maine 2009 Map

As a point of planning and anticipation, here is a Google Map (below) with dates and projected harbors. None of this is firm or fixed, and all locations are simply projections for now. If we want to stay in a location longer or if we want to skip a location we will. Also the weather plays a major part in any trip of this length. We do not like to press on in bad weather, but we have traveled in 100% fog! It happens in New England, you can leave a harbor in a clear bright sunny AM and within 2 hours you can be in FOG. Welcome to MAINE, welcome to the waters north of the Cape Cod Canal, it happens.

The Chesapeake Bay Fleet that is planning on heading to Maine 2009 are…

1. IP35 Island Spirit, Hayden & Radeen
2. IP380 CAVU, Ron & Mary Ann
3. IP440 Lyon’s Pride, Paul and Sue
4. IP420 Ore Negro, Conrad & Mirna
5. IP40 Surprise, Tom & Linda
6. IP37 Seas the Day, Sheldon and Gail

GOOGLE MAP of our inside day hoping trip to Maine 2009
Click pins for details
Link HERE (opens a large map)
Embedded Map Below…

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