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The watery whispers of Larking About began at 1620 yesterday, when we reached the expected light South Westerlies and killed the engine. After 25 hours of motoring, the lazy sail at 5 knots through a calm sea was like resting on a fresh-made downy pillow: we relished the peace and a smooth dinner – sweet and sour pork, which was an easy cook in the calm galley. The winds then steadily freshened, and by 2200 the whispers had turned to gurgles as we hit 6 knots. Four hours later we were double-reefed on the main in 25 knots of wind and streaking along at 8.2 knots with a slight current assisting. So the forecast was correct! And what a grand sail! With a near full moon, flat seas, and 20+ knots at 75 degrees off the port bow, Larking About had one of her best ever nights at sea. My guess would be that last night hooked Radeen on ocean sailing! Talking of hooks, yes we did get a fish on the line yesterday mid-day. It took the line off the reel in a hurry, and some reports state that when it broke the surface the first time, it was at least 5 feet long! Anyway, we were dealing with a foxy old fish, who swam towards the pull, broke the surface again, threw the hook, and I swear I heard him laughing as he threw his tail at us and danced away. So we made do with the pork, and dreamed of Ceviche for lunch, and Mahi-Mahi in a Dijonnaise sauce with capers and lemon wedges. Jim, sound familiar? Talking of Jim, Nancy and I miss you, you were great crew! But then, so are Hayden and Radeen, and they…well, at least, Radeen, is much prettier to look at, and Hayden wears shirts with sleeves on them!
Best to all from a happy bunch Larking About over the Atlantic waves, John , Nancy, Radeen and Hayden
0900 Saturday June 18 '11 3339N 6935W Winds SW 20kts Under Genoa, Staysail, SIngle-reef Main, at 8kts Seas 3 feet, Sunny: i.e. pretty darn perfect!

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