Yachts in Fort Lauderdale Florida

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Close up of Seven Seas

The photos for today are of the motor yacht Seven Seas (7C’s), rumored to be Steven Spielberg’s yacht, and Pegasus V which is available for charter. Finally, we show an 86 foot Domino by Riva Yachts, which in this town with these other big players, looks like a dinghy!

It is unreal that an 86 footer, which sells for six million dollars, looks so small. This town is for very high rollers and it is really interesting to see their yachts up close. Here is a photo essay. Note the crew getting ready to rappel off Seven Seas to clean the sides!

Seven Seas Motor Yacht, 87 meters long
Side balconies curve out on the upper decks
Seven Seas Motor Yacht

The bow of Seven Seas motor yacht towering over the Hilton hotel

The Bow of Seven Seas and the 17th Street Lift Bridge, Fort Lauderdale
Notice the hotel and the balconies blocked by this enormous yacht!

Time to clean the yacht, notice the crew, this is nearly a football field long
The Bow of Seven Seas and the motor yacht Pegasus V
Look at the scale, look at the crew, they are washing and drying the sides
Notice the Crew, they are cleaning the sides, check next photo
The crew uses mountain climbing gear to hang from the sides and clean the boat
Across the harbor is Motor Yacht Pegasus V, check their interiors here
Motor Yacht Pegasus V
Yachts are more important than homes, here the bow hides this home
The tender to tow behind is on the inside with 600hp
This is an 86 foot Domino that sells for $6,000,000
In Fort Lauderdale, it looks small compared to other yachts!
86 Foot Domino by RIVA
65 Foot Motor Yacht at a home looks so ordinary! 65 FOOTER!!!

: WHY ARE THE MEGA YACHTS HERE in Fort Lauderdale, FL?
Answer: 1. Deep Water 2. Yacht Service Yards 3. Short, Easy Ocean Inlet
Yachts enter the inlet, turn north under the 17th Street Bridge and dock.
There are also service yards south of the inlet as well.

OK, enough of Fort Lauderdale because tomorrow we will move to the Art Deco Capital of the world, SOUTH BEACH. Maybe I can find some models to photograph! 🙂

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