Wrightsville to Georgetown

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It takes 3 days to move 140 miles….

Three days of traveling 7 to 8 hours each day, covering only 40-50 miles a day, but moving each day and touring the towns, really does take up your time. It is amazing how busy we all are doing nothing but driving a sailboat south on the Intracoastal waterway. It is really fun, very easy, usually calm, and there is so much diverse beauty along the way that it is never boring. Just when you think it is all looking the same, up comes a bridge or a beautiful curve with interesting trees or the chaos of Myrtle Beach. Diversity is the key word that describes the AICW for us, and that is why we find it so interesting.

This section is 3 days of the USA East Coast

Yes, it takes 30+ days of moving from Annapolis, MD to Miami, FL, but just imagine the variety we see along the coast. There are so many great waterfront towns and harbors that we are often sad to leave. But if we stay at every place we like, we will never reach Florida! The last three days cover from Wrightsville Beach, NC to SouthPort, NC to Myrtle Beach, SC to Georgetown, SC. Within this section there are beautiful beaches, fantastic seaport villages and chaotic Myrtle Beach with its mega houses on the waterway, mobile homes and billboards. South of Myrtle Beach is the most beautiful section, the Waccamaw River where there are Spanish moss laden trees, no developments and pristine waterways.

The high winds we are waiting out

   The Waccamaw River is a place we have enjoyed anchoring before to take in the beauty, but this time we needed to push on to Georgetown, SC. A full Atlantic Gale and storm was coming and we had reserved dock space for safety. One of our favorite highlights in SC is a visit with Debbie and John. We love to catch up on their family and adventures. Thank you for taking time again to connect with Team Island Spirit as we “fly by.”

Photos of the past three days.
(I shot 180 photos with two cameras. These are the best 30 photos.)

Sunrise at Wrightsville Beach, NC

— Depart Wrightsville Beach for Southport —

Google Map: Wrightsville Beach to Southport
Anchored in Southport’s small harbor, room for 2-3 boats
Anchored in Southport, a bustling town with a great toy shop

Nina and Radeen at the Yacht Provisioning Company restaurant in Southport

Hayden, Bob and Reuben dining al fresco in Southport
— Depart Southport for Myrtle Beach, SC —
This stretch is due WEST all day long!

Look at the beauty of this TRUMPY yacht

You don’t see many of these, a TRUMPY yacht, built in Annapolis, MD

 “Annabelle” heading south from Islaboro, Maine
Docked at Barefoot Landing Marina, North Myrtle Beach, SC
John, Radeen, Debbie and Hayden, met at The Flying Fish

— Depart Myrtle Beach for Georgetown, SC —
Google Map of Myrtle Beach to Georgetown, SC

One of many waterway homes south of Myrtle Beach on the AICW

Look at that stature of three dolphins in front of an infinity pool and waterfall
Another amazing Myrtle Beach waterway home

This home covers three terraced waterfront lots

 Building more new homes in Myrtle Beach

Oh, just what dolphins want….jet skis chasing them!
Traditional AICW waterfront home in Myrtle Beach, before they build a mega home
—- Exit Myrtle Beach Area, Enter the Waccamaw River —
Exiting Myrtle Beach is my favorite bridge: Socastee Swing Bridge
Socastee Bridge entering the Waccamaw River
IP38 Moondance rounding a bend on the Waccamaw River
IP38 Moondance passes a dead head log

The Waccamaw is so beautiful

IP380 Priority following IP38 Moondance
Spanish Moss, Waccamaw River
My favorite tree near Georgetown, SC

— Arrive Georgetown, SC, Dock for the high winds —–

Docked at Harborwalk Marina. Waiting out gale force winds, Fri/Sat/Sun?

— This is our overall plan —

1. Leave Chesapeake Bay
2. Get the boat to Florida
3. Fly out of Miami to Phoenix for a fun Family Thanksgiving

Then, return to Florida for the Keys and West Coast in
December/ January, Miami in February,
 March/April in the Abacos,
and May back to Chesapeake Bay.

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  1. I love the name of the boat docked behind you in Southport: "TrashFest" Makes me really want to buy his seafood. Yum.

    And "Dolphin Tours" on Jet Skis… Yep they must really love that action. Next they'll be feeding them hushpuppies and pork rinds.

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