Wrightsville Beach, NC

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We are having TOO much FUN to leave this place. Wrightsville Beach, NC has a harbor with a dinghy dock and access to town and the beach! We have been anchored 50 yards off the town’s dock for three days now and we LOVE IT…it is like being anchored in EGO ALLEY of Annapolis, MD, yes…Right Downtown! Radeen and I tend to like this kind of location.

We like…

  1. Secure anchorages from all wind directions.
  2. Free dinghy docks right in town.
  3. Ocean beaches close to docks to go for walks and a beach day.
  4. Great restaurants within blocks of the dinghy docks.
  5. Ice Cream shops, pizza shops, and surf shops near the dinghy docks.

This is Wrightsville Beach, North Carolina. Of course you have the crazy people running their 300 Horse Power fishing boats at 40 knots through the harbor, and yes you have the rich college kids with their Daddy’s 33 foot Grady White with twin Yamaha 350 hp touring the harbor with his college girl friends on the bow in minimal beach wear, but hey, it is a college ocean harbor town. What do you expect?

This entertaining activity rapidly ramps up on Saturday around Noon, and just as rapidly dies at 6 pm, as all the kiddies run home for their free dinners prepared by Mommie and Daddy who allowed their kids to drink beer all day and blast through the harbor.

When I called the Coast Guard about boats doing circles around me while pulling a wake boarder at 30+ knots 10 feet off the bridge and pilings, the CG said, “Sir, there is NO speed limit in the Wrightsville Harbor, sorry.” I told the CG to negate my call and I will simply enjoy the show.

Aside from this weekend entertainment, one must look for the greatness in this harbor. It is GREAT, it is a fantastic anchorage protected from all directions. The beach is rated as one of the best in the US and I would have to agree. The town is cute and typical of a summer beach resort. The property values are out of control. A building lot on this harbor is available fo $2.9 million dollars US with only a dock, and no house. Build that yourself! Twin homes 1 block from the water, ocean or harbor, are listed for $3.5 million dollars US for 1/2 the building. UNREAL.

The inlet is close, less than 2 miles, and it is great, deep, wide, and short, so that makes for a great harbor.

The college is close, University of North Carolina, Wilmington is nearby. West Marine, Harris Tweeter Groceries store, and every franchise you can think of is nearby and within walking distance.

If I could move today, and relocate, I would seriously place Wrightsville Beach, NC on the short list. It seems to have it all related to boating and ocean sailing access, as well as ICW access.

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  1. We stayed there in mid-May and thought it had to be grad night. It was no fun trying to get two dogs into the dinghy with the serious chop created by the water skiers and run abouts doing wheelies. I guess we must have encountered a routine Saturday night.

    The anchorage is nice and dinghy dock very convenient.


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