Wendy and Craig KW-FL

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Wendy and Craig.
Our Live entertainer, Craig sings our new theme song…
“I love this BOAT!” Craig wrote the beautiful lyrics.

Our great friends, Wendy and Craig, arrived Key West to take us up on the challenges of living on Island Spirit and braving the high seas as we set sail for the treacherous Hawk Channel.  I know Craig, he will want to sail over the reef and out to sea and not come back, but our destination will be northeast to Marathon and the paradise of Harbour Cay Club. Wendy and Craig have sailed with us in New England, Chesapeake Bay, and the Caribbean on many sailing trips. It is great to be on a boat with such good friends and great boaters.

For now, we need to explore Key West, take in the sights and enjoy this entertaining town. There is just so much to see, and too little time. I notice that Key West is far better when arriving by boat as opposed to arriving by car or bus. You see the harbor in a better perspective and it seems more remote than driving down that infamous Route 1 and all the bridges. Henry Flagler had a great vision when he build the overseas railroad reaching Key West and bringing the tourist industry to town.

Our location is the Galleon Marina and Resort
where we have a beautiful pool, great docks and it is located right in town.
A walk to the southern most point at the end of Duval Street
was our mission #1.

An evening walk down Duval Street presents you with 350 bars, t-shirt shops
great music and places like Sloppy Joe’s, Hog’s Breath Saloon, The Bull, and Captain Tony’s.
We are enjoying the neighborhood and extra lighting to our starboard side.
Missing Card II is a 65′ Princess Motor Yacht docked next to us.
It is a magnificent yacht and beautifully lit at night!
Missing Card II, a Princess 65′ Motor Yacht
Hayden and Radeen listening to Craig’s live entertainment of…
“An Ode to Island Spirit – I Love this Boat” Thank you, Craig and Wendy!.
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  1. Ok Ok….so you're raising the bar.

    When you come back thru the Beauzone Kate, The Doodles and I are just going to have to serenade you guys.

    You asked for it!

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