Warderick Wells Intro

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Blue Blue Blue…

With very limited Internet, and uploadoing via their Satellite Feed, from Warderick Wells, I will try to share a few photos. This has been another destination/goal for this year. We will re-explore this area and swim, snorkel, hike the trails, and play on the sand bar and beaches. With a $15/night mooring ball in the north field right off the Park Headquarters office, why leave? It does not get any better than this. The Bahamas are so beautiful and the water is so clear, you have to see this to really believe it. These photos show the blue water and the various colors, yet I never can capture the true beauty but I will keep trying.

Sailing Close Hauled in 20-25 knots with a reefed jib
Boat speed and wind speed and wind angle

Mooring Ball #15 at Warderick Wells right off the beach

To our port bow is a sandbar that dries at low tide

We have a full moon
The Mangroves on Shroud Cay

Our position in the park, look for the arrow, that is us

Internet here costs $15 for 100 megabytes of data. It is also timed for 24 hours of use. so we have very limited communications here. No cell tower means no phone, no WiFi, no BTCbahamas data. The park is sending this data out via Satellites so that is why it costs so much. I am on the networtk here aat 3 am so I have less competition the feed. 100 megs is still alot of datat if managed properly. One of these re-sized photos is 200 k, so 5 photos is 1,00 k or 1 meg.

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  1. What a great looking spot. I can see that it would be a fine place to get lazy and enjoy life.

    It also looks very well protected which means better sleeping.

    All you need now are a couple of doodles to complete the picture.

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