Warderick Wells Fun

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On Mooring Ball #15 right off the Park Office…

We can not imagine a more beautiful place to sail into and to spend a few days exploring. Warderick Wells in the Exuma Land and Sea Park is a world treasure like nothing else. The most clear water surrounded by coral reefs, tropic fish, sand bars that dry at low tides, hiking trails to overlooking ridges, no cell phone coverage, minimum Internet only via $atellite$ and no stores, no water, no electric, nothing. You may take nothing but pictures, you may not fish or lobster, you may not shell. You must take nothing, and leave nothing. No trash disposal, no docks, no town, restaurants and no bars. It is beautiful!

Today, we slept in on the security of a mooring ball, we baked bread to share, we went snorkeling on two coral reefs and one sunken ship. We walked the sand bar and we took hundreds of photos. Nothing can show the true beauty of Warderick Wells. We really love it here. THIS IS THE TRUE BAHAMAS….

The view of the North Mooring Field from the Park Office
You learn to navigate the Bahamas by the water colors. Darker is Deeper

Our boat on ball #15 with a swim platform towards the sandy beach
Hayden baking bread, our first loaves of homemade bread
Radeen with the DIVE flag as we snorkel the reefs
Hayden setting the anchor for diving
Swimming from the swim platform next to our boat, right off the beach
Radeen on the sandbar at low tide
Radeen takes a rest with the Island Spirit off in the distance

The clear waters and the shadow of the dinghy on the bottom

The view our our galley porthole looking at the swim platform and beach
Full Moon rising over Warderick Wells reflecting off Island Spirit

So, our first full day at Warderick Wells was a dream day. Relaxing, calm, adventurous, exciting, fun and costs $15…plus $15 for Internet….not a bad value for $30. We will stay here a few more days…..Thank you again for sailing along.

Go to Google Maps and search out Warderick Wells, Exumas, Bahamas, then look at the Satellite images of this place, it is so beautiful. If I had the bandwidth and connectivity I would give you a link.
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  1. Hey there Bread Boy!
    Keep baking them loaves. Bread, Wine, Beer… some of the many currencies of the sailboat community.

    Your pictures are so great. That place looks incredible! Even Kate would swim in that water.

    It's so great that you guys are living life YOUR WAY.

    Stay safe… stay warm… and keep on blogging.

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