Warderick Wells Dayz

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IP 38 Moondance and IP 32 Morning Grace at Boo Boo Hill
Why leave Warderick Wells? Why move on? Why not stay? Well, that is what we are saying, and staying we are. We will play here one more day to snorkel and hike and visit and relax with zero worries and safe living on a secure mooring ball in a safe harbor. Tough to beat for $15 per night and $15 for 100 megs of satellite Internet connectivity. Today we placed our name board on top of Boo Boo Hill, a cruiser tradition, Thanks to Dixey of IP32 MORNING GRACE, who carved and painted a cool custom made board.We know, we know, it is supposed to be drift wood, so we drifted this board in the water and it became drift wood! 
Hayden and Radeen on the reef

After our hike to the hill and the overlook, we hit the reef and went snorkeling again seeing giant lobsters, Nassau Grouper, and beautiful live coral. We baked two more loaves of bread to give a way, one loaf to a smaller boat with a young couple aboard and one loaf for the park office staff. They told me they have not had bread for two weeks so they were very happy to have a fresh baked loaf. What a joy to share. After swimming and enjoying the beach right off our beam about 100 yards, we used our solar shower which made the water almost too hot to take a shower. I am guessing the water was 110 degrees at least.  The evening was shared on our boat buddies boat, IP32, Morning Grace where Dixey and Julie hosted us for a very fun night of stories and visits. As it is said so many times about cruising, it is the people you meet while our cruising that make it so memorable. Add great people to a great location like this and you have a wonderful adventure!

 Photos of today
Beautiful Coral Reef

Crystal Clear Waters

Bob & Nina and Dixey & Julie post snorkeling

Radeen, the fish, loves to swim

Hayden, sharing bread with others

Looking good, these turned out great

The beach swim platform and our mooring ball #15

The view from the beach to our boat

Overlooking the Warderick Wells north harbor

Julie waves as she makes the final climb to Boo Boo Hill

Looking East to Exuma Sound

Park Office on the left, Island Spirit just over the trees on the right

Julie and Dixey with our sign board

Bob and Nina with our sign board

Radeen and Hayden with our sign board


Captain Dixey places our board on the historic hill

Bob and Nina arrive at the party

Selfie photo of Dixey, Radeen and Hayden on IP32 Morning Grace

The end of a another beautiful day
And then a full moon rose off our bow over the beach!
This is an example of a perfect day at Warderick Wells, Exuma Land and Sea Park, Bahamas. Thanks for sailing along.
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0 Replies to “Warderick Wells Dayz”

  1. Wow. What great photos and what a perfect day.
    Only one thing would make it better… if we were there!

    I love the photos in the water. To say that water was bathtub clear is an insult. Just beautiful.

    Move on?? Why move on? I think you found the perfect away from town anchorage. It looks just unimaginable.

  2. What fabulous pictures. You are in heaven. Hayden, what is that I see on your chin and under your lip?????? You both look so happy. Miss and love you both so much xo love, kate

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