Waccamaw River, SC

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Typical shoreline along the Waccamaw River, SC

Spectacular, breathtaking, beautiful, winding, inspiring, ever changing…that is the Waccamaw River south of Myrtle Beach, SC. This is our second time passing through here and it is more beautiful than I recall. I shot 140 pictures today in the river and none are as beautiful as I saw it. Either I need a better camera or I need a better memory, because one of these is off. Refusing to exit this fantastic river valley, we pulled over behind Butler Island and dropped our anchor just 8 miles short Georgetown, SC. Tomorrow we will leisurely meander our way down to Georgetown in the AM and explore that town where we will connect with family vacationing in the area.

Only in Myrtle Beach would you have gondolas carts taking golfers
from one side of the ICW to the other!
Grissom Parkway Bridge, Myrtle Beach and the ICW…beautiful
Typical home on the waterway at Myrtle Beach, SC
OH NO….barge traffic meeting at the bridge, he told us to keep on
and pass him to starboard…OK!
Same barge filling the entire bridge opening that we just passed
Myrtle Beach golfers along the waterway
Yachts lined up and passing through the Socastee Swing Bridge
This bridge is now on the National Historic Register and will be preserved forever
Socastee Bridge swinging closed behind us, very interesting process
Waccamaw River navigation aids
Our good friends Eric and Patricia on Cutter Loosen avigate the turns of the Waccamaw river
Endless beauty…
Spanish Moss hanging in the trees

Fantastic day running down the river valley and also a great stay at Barefoot Landing. Life is so easy, so peaceful, and so much fun when traveling the Intracoastal Waterway, especially with good friends. Island Spirit and Cutter Loose are two happy boats….

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