Waccamaw River Beauty

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Waccamaw River Cypress Trees

This is our third trip through the Waccamaw River, and as many cruisers before have said, this is the most beautiful section of the Intracoastal Waterway. This section is just south of Myrtle Beach, SC and north of Georgetown, SC. Bookended by steel mills and paper pulp factories of Georgetown to the south and high rise condos, shopping outlets and golf course of Myrtle Beach to the north, the Waccamaw River stands pristine in between these two contrasts. Maybe it is the fact that you leave such harsh environments and then are transported into the beauty of the wild and that is why it seems so beautiful. There are not many places like this left on the waterway; most of the land from Norfolk VA to Key West FL has been built up and is no longer in a natural state like the Waccamaw River.

I always take hundreds of photos in this section, and it is difficult to select a few of the best, but here they are. My photo essay of the Waccamaw River on the ICW 2012….

our Buddy Boat, IP460 Cutter Loose rounds Green 33, Waccamaw River

Springtime green along the river’s edge

To the north you exit Waccamaw River at Socastee Swing Bridge.
One of the few bridges placed onto the National Historic Register for protection!

IP460 Cutter Loose transits Socastee Swing Bridge

Great Dune Bridge at Myrtle Beach reminds you that you are no longer in the Waccamaw River!

Golf Cart Gondolas transit over the ICW at Myrtle Beach

 Yes…the Waccamaw River section is the most beautiful section on the ICW. I will forever be reminded of the great quote by my good friend Norm Pierce, our Maine Island Packet Dealer who says…”Myrtle Beach is the price you pay for the beauty of the Waccamaw River basin!”

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