Waccamaw Never Disappoints

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…Radeen helms the boat into the river…

We have been slow keeping up with the blog because we are working on a massive server upgrade and web site move of 11,500 photos from my www.IPphotos.com site into my other site at www.IPYOA.com. I have been working on this challenge for years and at the Annapolis Boat Show, this year, I began the final process. The task has turned out to be far more complex than first expected and now after a new server, triple the storage space, expanded bandwidth and working with programmers in Romania, Singapore and the UK, we are slowly moving ahead. Every day, this task is consuming my blogging time. Working on web servers and web sites while onboard using a cell connection and a hotspot is a real challenge. We hope to be testing the roll out soon, where there will be nearly 20,000 sorted photos of Island Packet Yachts in our IPYOA.com community site. That will be amazing!

Back in Southport, we shot this Sunrise

Trying to catch up on the blog, here are some photos of the Waccamaw River Passage, which is never disappointing. The trip this year was in flat lighting so the shadows are not there, but I still see and capture the beautiful in this river. We decided to spend the night in here because we are in no rush and this is one of the most beautiful and most unique places on the entire ICW. Stopping in the Waccamaw River is a very special opportunity and we are so glad we took the time. Our buddy boat, IP 380 PRIORTY is doing a fantastic job on his blog and he is blogging every day. Plus Reuben and Molli also have a live position tracker that reports their position and track 24/7. Please check out their blog and you will see exactly what we all have been up to. Reuben and Molli’s blog is here: http://svPriority.Blogspot.com

Here are photos to catch up on

The massive homes of Myrtle Beach

380 Priority enters the Waccamaw at Socastee Bridge

Spanish Moss in the trees

Happy Halloween, almost


Markers in cypress trees

Markers in cypress trees

Beautiful reflections I never tire of

Fall foliage in the swamp

Beautiful even in flat lighting

380 Priority rounds a bend

Island Spirit pushes the tannin stained waters


Our Stop for the night, Cow House Creek

Buddy Boat PRIORITY in the anchorage

A great place to spend the night, current is 1 knot

Tomorrow with the rain and winds coming in, we will take our lay day at Georgetown, SC and dock at Harbour Walk for a day of NOT MOVING the boat. Thank you for traveling along.

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