Video: FL-NC ocean sailing

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We had a safe and wonderful ocean passage from Florida to Cape Lookout North Carolina. This was a 330 nm leg and we finished this in 58 hours. We sailed half of it but needed to motor sail half due to winds under 10 knots from dead astern. The sailing was great with the winds 20-25. Here is a 3 minute video of the passage, plus some photos.

Here are some photoclick images for larger full screen images

Departing St. Mary’s Inlet, Florida

YAHOO, our loaner radar antenna is working

Librarian Radeen working the log book

Beam reaching to start in 8-10 knots

Our course is 055, 330 nm to the Cape

Sunset and lighting up the red nav lights

The helm view at dusk

Wing on Wing in 20 knots

Fantastic sailing. We really enjoy wing on wing

Boat speed is not bad in 20+ knots

Hayden at the helm

Dawn is always exciting

Our SPOT map points at 0600, 1200, 1800, 2400

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0 Replies to “Video: FL-NC ocean sailing”

  1. Awesome! We just did our overnighter around Cape Hatteras Wednesday night… we're now lying in Norfolk… just a little in front of you.

    This is our first time in the Chesapeake and we're very excited. We have a week to explore the bay before we need to be in Baltimore… if you have any recommendations for stops we'd love to have your input.

    Thanks for the video.. it was great.

    Michael & Barb

  2. As Michael said, over the top "awesome" video and documentation of the FL-NC passage! And while I know you enjoy doing such, I appreciate you doing such a fantastic job and letting me sail along. Just wish we were on our previous boat, IP320, Second Home and getting to meet y'all in person at Cape Lookout. Enjoy that wonderful spot and safe travels the remainder of the return trip to homeport!

    Mike Poplin
    Boatless in Ellerbe, NC

  3. We hope to meet you next year. We're headed N to the Chesapeake next week. You have been an inspiration to us. We have enjoyed your blog and photos. Very professional.
    Campbell and Lisa
    Beaufort, NC

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