Video Clips Sailing 400 nm

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After several computer issues, one crashed and I rebuilt it only to then have it crash again after a few days. Then I bought a used one from another boater and set that up and loaded my data onto that one.  NOW, I finally was able to download the GoPro camera and view my video clips shot during our 3 day sail up from Grenada.  Using a new program called Camtasia, I created this video. Our sail north from Grenada to St. Croix has been our best sail every in 19 years on sv Island Spirit. Grab a coffee and please enjoy this video:

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4 Replies to “Video Clips Sailing 400 nm”

  1. We LOVE your statement that this was your BEST sail in 19 years!
    That says it all;
    Past sails for comparison.
    Present experience for continuation;
    Future expectation for motivation.
    Let’s go!

  2. enjoyed seeing your sail set up – main single reef, boom out, stay sail + head sail both up, giving you good “drive” via waves on the beam.
    always giving us good techniques, thx, Kevin & Anne; s/v Tiller the Hun III, IP 370

  3. WAAHOOO! Profesional movie, very engaging.
    Have a great trip..
    SeaStar is now Mawe and stuck in Titusville. Just sitting there growing old while the new Owners are stuck Can’t leave Brazil! Hoping when they get “out there” they will run into other Packeteers like you so they will be excited about the purchase! Dan remains wellish and you should not see the States for awhile. KC

  4. Beautiful job recording your sail north. It looks like it was perfect weather and wind. Your clip was just long enough for a short shot of Antiguan rum. Thanks for sharing.

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