Vero Equals Friends

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Good friends from our home marina, Kathy and Gary
of Sabre 42 GATSBY, made a delicious dinner on board….

We feel at home in Vero Beach City Marina because we always see so many cruising friends here. The city has created one of the best cruising stops on the entire east coast. There are plenty of mooring balls with a great marina, fuel dock and a nice laundry and bathhouse. The boaters’ lounge has a TV, computer desk and book exchange, plus the city provides free bus service every hour to and from town! The ocean beach is only 4 blocks to the east and there are bike and walking paths throughout the parks, marinas and town. What is there not to like about a stop in Vero Beach City Marina? NOTHING!

Our raft of three on mooring ball #24

This place has a nickname among the boating community and that is “Velcro Beach” because we all tend to pull in here for a day or two and then we stay and some never leave. They get stuck, if you call this stuck. We happily spent the winter of 2007-08 here on our boat while working on new Masters’ degrees in Education from Drexel University. We set up a Verizon Broadband network and two laptops and processed 45 graduate credits from the boat! That was exciting and very challenging. So, returning here year after year is wonderful. We really like Vero Beach!

Here are some photos of the good friends and the good life at Vero…

Vero Beach City Marina to the East of the AICW
The Merrill Barbor Bridge, Welcome to Vero Beach
Boats are rafted three per mooring ball

Wendy and Craig were vacationing in Cocoa Beach, FL, so they come to visit us

Wendy and Radeen by the banyan tree

Craig and Hayden
Radeen posted a sign….why not have happy hour on a Monday?
There is one every Thursday, too.

Craig played and sang; he is the Team Island Spirit band 

John of ISLAND GYPSY played along on his harmonic

All the ladies love Steve of IP38 SLOW FLIGHT,
including Radeen and Michele of IP35 SIMPLE LIFE

Radeen, Craig, Wendy and Hayden after dinner at TooJay’s 

The view over our bow in the mooring field

IP38 ALPENGLOW with Tim and Susan are ahead of us

The north mooring field at Vero Beach

ISLAND SPIRIT rafted to SLOW FLIGHT, with the south mooring field in the distance
Breakfast with Radeen’s homemade coffee cake
Thank you, Steve, for the Champagne for mimosas….
we are roughing it with Laurie and Jim of IP350 KISMET

As it seems now, with the us needing to fly to AZ for our family Thanksgiving, we too will get stay here and not press on to Miami. Oh well, we cannot think of a better place to be. Vero has got us again, and so it truly is VELCRO BEACH……

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  1. OK… you guys are just having TOO MUCH FUN!

    Now Team Island Sprit has its own band! I think you guys need to start a Reality Show!

    We were in Vero last spring after we left you guys in Coconut Grove. My boss has a condo near the beach about a mile or so south of where you folks are moored. Very pretty area.

    I think you need to head out to the desert now and get some good dry air in your lungs. Wish we were out there already.

    Party on Garth.

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