Vero Action

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Quality gear a must…shuffleboard action 🙂

We completed our tasks at Vero Beach and this allowed us to slip the grasp of this wonderful town and marina. We completed…

  1. Laundry
  2. Groceries
  3. Riverside Cafe Happy Hour via dinghy
  4. Sonny’s BBQ via the Bus
  5. Shuffleboard with Almon and Carey, our Vero Coaches, and 6 other cruisers
  6. Cruisers’ Cocktail Party with 40+ cruisers
  7. Bike rides around town
  8. Walks to the beach and walks down Date Palm Drive
  9. Water, Fuel, Pumpout – the big three!
  10. Mail call – our first batch of forwarded mail since departure, thanks to our terrific house sitter.

Oh, the excitement of being in port! Life takes on a new feel and the options for adventure are vast. Vero Beach Florida is one of those towns we both agree we could move to. This and Wrightsville Beach, NC are the two towns so far that make us feel that way. We don’t ever plan on moving out of our beautiful solar home, but it is fun to look and imagine. Here are a few photos of Vero 2.

Our raft of 3 IPs, Island Spirit 35, Catspaw SP Cruiser & Cutter Loose IP 460
Vero Beach AM sunrise
Carey takes a morning stroll on the crowded beach at Vero
Date Palm Drive, our favorite street right off the marina.
Radeen enjoys a bike ride through the beautiful parks at Vero
The action on the shuffleboard courts, a must visit…
Our Coach, Almon, who is so kind and helpful. He teaches us how to play the game.
The required shuffleboard couple’s photo…this is one for the mantle 🙂

 Yes, life in Vero Beach is wonderful! There are so many services and you don’t need a car due to the free bus. The beach is fantastic, the restaurants delicious, the marina is a dream, and the boaters flock to this location. It is easy to stay here for weeks, and it is very difficult to make yourself press on, but that’s what we did AND we did it in 15-20 knots NE wind with rain….. WHAT? ARE WE NUTS?….yes we are, but the Florida Keys are calling us and that is our next big destination.

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