Tuna Landed

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…Yellow Fin Tuna….

We decided to take this calm weather window and motor over to Cat Island, one of the far islands we have visited in the five years we have sailed to the Exumas. Cat Island has zero protection from west winds, so you need to go there when it is calm, and you can easily stay there when the east trade winds are blowing. Well, we had the calm today to motor the 50 nm over to Cat and tomorrow it will begin blowing from the NE then East so we can anchor safely anywhere on Cat. We plan to explore New Bight, and Frenandez Bay and they maybe Hawks Nest marina before sailing back on the East trade winds to George Town for more Regatta fun.

On the way over, I finally landed out first tuna, it was a 28″ yellow fin tuna. We both were so excited. How wonderful to finally land a really nice fish on Island Spirit. We have trailed fishing lines for thousands of miles and today, we finally landed a nice proper sized tuna, and a yellow fin as that. One of the best. We estimate that this created 16 meals at least and we will share with other boaters. What a great treat!

Island Spirit 1, Fish 1,002, so let the games continue. Right now, the fish are winning 🙂

Here are some photos of the adventure.

The day started calm in Kidds Cove Elizabeth Harbour, George Town
It was a calm motoring day, no sails
I set out out the lines before we went around the reef and out Conch Cut to sea, but it was not until 7 to 8 miles offshore that the rod dipped and the reel started running out. We had to stop the boat as I could not reel in the fish. After 5-10 minutes. I had the fish along side, Radeen handed me the gaff . I gaffed the fish and landed it into the cockpit. Now the chaos began, We sprayed the fish with fresh rum and that calmed it while I proceeded to knock it out and then bleed it out. Lucky for us, we were also running the watermaker and we had a full tank of water, so we used the fresh water to clean the fish AND the cockpit. All in all, it was exciting, but Radeen was not quite as excited about the entire landing as I was. So, we now have procedures to work out and improve. 🙂

I caught this tuna on a Cedar Plug
Yellow Tail Tuna
I tried to get every piece of meat to not waste any
Chipped gelcoat repairs. I hit this corner with a winch handle…

Well….I got so excited during the landing and the taming of the tuna, that I actually damaged our gelcoat as I was swinging the winch handle and knocking out the fish. What??? Errrrrr, Well, I chipped the gelcoat as I hit the corner with the winch handle. I did not even know I hit the step. All of it was truly was a Chinese fire drill. We really need to get better at this fishing game. Right now we are newbies. Here is proof of the excitement….errrr….and the damages to our boat….Oh, the price of Tuna!

No problem, tape it and paint it…got it covered

Every IP needs to carry some ivory paint, got it…spray, spray…fixed

Done….what fish damage?  It is gone.

Tonite on anchor, we thought we might actually see our first green flash, but the sunset did not produce one. Still, look how beautiful the sunset was. It was a really great day on the boat. Something new all the time. We have lots to learn about fishing, that is for sure!

Then it was time for a seared tuna steak, pasta with veggies in a honey and rosemary sauce with some red wine, Bogle Cabernet.

What a perfect day….

Tuna Steak seared

Red in the center, perfect

Good night to all, and to all a good night….Thank you for sailing along.

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0 Replies to “Tuna Landed”

  1. Congratulations! So exciting to land a tuna! If it helps you any, we pour cheap alcohol in the fish's gills to stun him before we dispatch him – avoids flailing on our part and the fish's, and makes the whole job faster and (thus) more humane, I think. Plus it'll save damage to your boat! Now just hoping we catch a fish sometime in our next cruise!
    Hope you guys are well! Cheers,
    Ellen and Seth

  2. Thousands of miles and ONE fish!
    I don't think you caught that one my friend… He committed suicide.

    The poor fish. For some reason life was no longer worth living and at a weak moment he saw I.S. sailing by and decided to throw in the towel. He probably would have jumped in the boat if no lure was out.

    That dinner looked mighty fine! Party on Garth!

  3. Hayden congrats on the catch, here's a tip for future catches: when I sailed to Tahiti with the MacNamara's, we caught a lot of fish, but were making a big mess each time until we commissioned the "Smother n Bash" towel. Was much better and safer than using the precious stores of rum. Easier to remove hook, and no blood splatter.

  4. Congratulations on reaping the fruit of your fishing endeavours.So you are the consumate sailor.Land a fish, repair gelcoat and get a photo of the sunset.All in one day.Well done.

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