Treasure to Hope Town Light

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From Nippers on Great Guana, we sailed up to Treasure Cay and enjoyed one of the top ten beaches in the world, according to National Geographic’s Traveler Magazine. While here, we flew the stunt kites and visited with good friends Kathy and Alan of IP420 Flatlander. Look how beautiful this beach is and look how crowded it was….

From Treasure Cay, we ran back to Hope Town so we could walk the town. We tried to buy some coconut bread from Vernon, but he was sold out once again. We will just have to eat our homemade Island Spirit Bread. Here is one more architecture shot from Hope Town.

Our other mission in Hope Town was to walk up the 101 steps to the top of the light house. From the top, you can enjoy the beautiful overlook into the harbor or the opposite side where you can take in  vast views back over the Sea of Abaco. Here are a few photos from the Hope Town lighthouse.

After a wonderful “Sunday Dinner” on Tuesday (this afternoon) at 2-3 pm, we then enjoyed a very happy hour with music and singing and great friends aboard IP420 True North. Steve on IP38 Slow Flight joined us with his guests Wendy, Eric and Susan. Here are some fun shots..

At sunset, our special treat for Wendy and Craig was to meet the lighthouse keeper, Jeffrey. THIS IS A MUST ATTEND EVENT to experience while here in Hope Town. Jeffrey has been one of the two lighthouse keepers for 8 years. His father was the lighthouse keeper at 3 other lighthouses in the Bahamas, which are now automated. He shared with us the history and the process of lighting the kerosene mantle. What an experience to witness Jeffery inside the lens when he first heats the burner with alcohol. When it is hot, he can turn on the pressurized gas, lift a light up to the spewing gas and the flame ignites. AMAZING TO SEE… Here are some great photos of Jeffrey lighting the Elbow Cay Lighthouse

Hope Town, a very special place…and even more special to share with Wendy and Craig!

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  1. Beautiful beach… Again that blue is just beautiful.

    Interesting post about the lighthouse. Didn't realize that some still had oil burners. You could have brought some hot dogs and had an impromptu wienie roast at the top.

    Finally… another happy hour. The crowd seems to get bigger every time. Thanks again for sharing.

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