Tobago Cays Photos

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Tobago Cays, south of Bequia, is a National Marine Park managed and protected by the country of St. Vincent and the Grenadines.  Several islands surrounded by a large fringing reef make this a top sailing destination.  Cruisers anchor behind the reef with nothing to the east except Africa. Behind the reef is a sandy bank only 10-20 feet deep. One of the islands has become a Green Turtle nesting area. The area is now fully protected. It is one place where you can easily swim with large sea turtles and watch and listen as they feed on the seagrass floor.  We spent two nights and three days here and swam with turtles every day. It was the highlight of our trip south so far!

Photo Essay of Tobago Cays

Island Spirit on a mooring ball as we swam around with turtles
The water is so clear, this is 15 feet of clear water over sand
GoPro photo as we swim
One of our favorite reef fish, a trunk fish
Swimming pool clear waters
A small live reef section
The Blue Headed Wrasse is another one of my favs
Pisces Radeen loves the water
Imagine swimming in this water right off your boat
The sandy bottom was covered with starfish
Starfish slowly move across the sand, that is fun to watch
Looks rough but I was holding the GoPro in the water to get this effect
Day two, let’s swim with the turtles some more….OK!
Under our boat, Turtle #1
A free dive down and I am swimming right next to this big guy
They stay under for about 15 minutes
Island Spirit looks so interesting from this angle
Radeen in the water with turtles and Island Spirit
They are fast and  move so gracefully
Every starfish is different
Light colors, dark colors
Turtles and starfish
So much fun to see
My favorite turtle photo as this one surfaced and two starfish were in the background
The clouds cleared and the sun was bright
Green turtle shell reflecting off the surface of the water
Looks like they exhale to dive
Down he goes, after a few breaths and then an exhale
Required selfie! We have on full sun protection as the sun is really very intense at this 12-degree latitude
A Google Map of the area to show the islands and the reef
A big scale map to show where The Grenadines are located

We are living a DREAM

We sailed wing on wing out of Bequia for Tobago Cays

We wrote down this sailing goal in 1996. Now, in 2019, it has become a reality and it is better than expected. That makes it all even more special. In 1996, we said we would retire in 2011, and set sail, and we did. We are very happy with the outcome and reflect every day how fortunate we are to be here. Our hearts are full of gratitude!

We sailed a fresh beam reach into the Grenadines

Zoom into our LIVE tracking Map here

Also, when looking at the tracking map, switch the layer to AERIAL and you will see the reefs and the sandy beaches and the islands.

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7 Replies to “Tobago Cays Photos”

  1. Seeing the image of the starfish on the beautiful sea bed causes me to observe,” God has put the Island Packet logo where even fish can see it”!!! You guys rock

  2. From Kathy: Spectacular photographs! Thank you so much. Since we sold our Sabre 42 GATSBY, I vicariously enjoy the awesome adventures of you two! Your enthusiasm is inspiring, and since Gary and I have spent time with you in the past (in Rock Hall on the Chesapeake and in the Florida Keys, etc.), we know how genuine and inspiring your adventurous spirits are. Wishing you continued fair winds!

  3. Love the photos, loveTobago Cay. Are the boat boys who deliver fresh Baguettes in the morning and grilled fish dinners in the evening still there?
    Keep living the dream and keep sending the photos

  4. Loved, loved your photos, especially seeing the sea turtles. I have a special connection to them. We scattered my daughter’s ashes off Diamond Head in Hawaii a few years ago and immediately a huge sea turtle swam with her ashes! Years later, a turtle came out of the ocean on the Big Island of Hawaii and walked right up to my son. SO, last month in Seattle, this 75 year old got her first and probably only tattoo, a sea turtle! Thank you for continuing to share your wonderful adventures!

  5. These photos remind me of Panama- I love the starfish photos. Can’t wait to hear more about sailing over a volcano. Meanwhile I am here wishing my life away. June 11th can’t come soon enough!

  6. Hi Guys,

    I always enjoy your posts. Brings back great memories. I particularly enjoyed the Grenadines. Your under water photos were spectactulare. If I only could spell!

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