The Plan Winter 2014-15

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The Plan, The Map….

Our Winter Cruising Plan is on the LAUNCH PAD. We are loading up and we will be moving to the the Annapolis MD Boat Show on Wed/Thur. Then Team Island Spirit will be starting our 4th year of cruising. After the boat show we will head south with the flock of boats, and several IPs. Our Buddy boats will be IP38 MOONDANCE with owners Bob and Nina and IP380 PRIORITY with owner Reuben onboard. We will take the AICW, The Atlantic Intracoastal Waterway South to Florida.

We will spend time (lay days) in:
Portsmouth VA, South Ferry Basin
Elizabeth City, NC, city dock
Oriental, NC, anchor in town
Beaufort NC, Greg & Kate ? done!
Wrightsville Beach, NC, anchor
Charleston, SC, Maritime Center
Vero Beach, FL, Mooring balls
Biscayne Bay, FL, Coconut Grove/Dinner Key
Florida Keys, HCC? Explore Keys?

Once in Florida, we plan to re-explore Biscayne Bay and the keys as well as the west coast of Florida where we hope to reconnect with Buddy boat IP420 FLATLANDER, Alan and Kathy, and others. After some time on the west coast returning to Palmetto, Sarasota, Fort Meyers Beach, Marco Island, and maybe the Dry Tortugas. Then we will prep for the Bahamas as we move back around to the east coast again.

on the Launch Pad, our home dock

This year, we may just simply return to the ABACOS via West End, Great Sale Cay, Green Turtle Club and the WHALE to Marsh Harbor and the JIB ROOM. Once there we will sail to Hope Town and climb that beautiful lighthouse and enjoy the peace and calm of the ABACOS. Life is easy there.

After spending springtime, mid March and April in the Abacos, we will look for a weather window to make the run for the Chesapeake Bay, our home waters by the third week of May 2015. (We need to make a family vacation end of May)

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This is our over all plan for this year. A review of many of our favorite places we have found, and a return to re-discover the beauty and fun of these area. We also want to reconnect with many IP owners. So many places, so many IP owners to connect with along this cruise.

We look forward to connecting, and sharing some harbors with you. We also invite you to sail along any part you can. We could get a fleet together and all head to the Abacos for a month. It is easy, it is close, it is beautiful in the springtime. If you go to the Bahamas in the winter, Dec-Feb, then you need to go SOUTH at least to Georgetown to get below the winter cold fronts. If going to the Abacos, then it is best to wait until spring and go in March and April and May. But then again, May is the best time to head up the East Coast, so you need to plan your Abacos exit back to the coast.

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