Tahiti Beach to the Jib Room

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Wind and waves shape the sands on Tahiti Beach….

Cruising the Abacos is so wonderful and so easy. Most anchorages and popular destinations are 8-10 miles apart. The Sea of Abaco is protected and almost always calm as it is only about 3-4 miles wide and maybe 20 miles long. With the much of the orientation of the sea north and south and the trade winds blowing from the east, we can beam reach nearly everywhere. Many times, we are lazy and simply roll out a jib and sail the 8 miles under jib only. There are so many places to anchor and find protection, it is easy to see why so many cruisers make Abaco their only destination.

Radeen taking a break on Tahiti Beach

Hayden walking the sand bar

We brought our own shade this year, it is HOT here

Island Spirit anchored off Baker’s Rock, Tahiti Beach

The rocky shoreline of the Bahamas

Tahiti Beach, a perfect place to kite board

Boat Buddy Dixey, found the largest HERMIT CRAB ever inside a conch shell

Exploring Lubbers’ Landing, a great beach resort with cabins accessible only by boat

Colorful Bahamian Money, front, with dark shapes embossed in foil

Colorful Bahamian Money, back

Radeen, ready for steak night and limbo at The Jib Room

The anchorage at Marsh Harbor is fantastic, lots of room with great holding

Yacht services, Fuel Filters and Oil Filter change, ready for sea

Good friend Linda, owner of The Jib Room, poses with Hayden

Boat Buddy, IP38 SLOW FLIGHT, Steve and good friend Mary of GLASS SLIPPER

Boat Buddies IP32 MORNING GRACE, Julie and Dixey


STEAK NIGHT at the JIB ROOM…..as perfect as can be

Desmond the KING of the LIMBO performs at the Jib Room

Local landscaping, Hibiscus in bloom 

——————– and then we wrecked the dinghy —————

Stupid us! It was windy and we ran the inflatable dinghy into a sharp propeller that was tilted out of the water!
This is the 4 inch cut with glue applied and drying. It went through the rub rail, too.
We made it back to the mother ship and quickly hoisted the dinghy
up for repairs, before it sank!

The final repair and finished patch.
Great to know how to glue on a patch and to have all the necessary supplies!

We are now living on the hook in Marsh Harbour, walking the town and visiting with boat buddies. We are beginning to look at weather windows over the next two weeks to make an ocean run for the USA coast. Time is running out here in the Bahamas for our 2014 trip. Soon we will return to the land of connectivity, marketing, shopping, and conveniences….

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0 Replies to “Tahiti Beach to the Jib Room”

  1. Humm…. did that dingy accident happen on the way back from Limbo night? 🙂

    Glad you got it out of the water without the engine (or you guys) getting wet.

    Sorry that we'll miss you this go around but feel free to stop in to the Beaufort Rest Stop and use the slip if you need to. I't empty and has your name on it.

  2. You guys ROCK. When I read about steak night, I pictured Radeen in her little kitchen cooking up some beef you found at a local store. But noooooo. You did it BIG- Teachers With a Boat retirement style. Love it. Love you.

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