SuperYachts in Antigua

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We really enjoy pulling into Falmouth Harbor, Antigua and then taking a dinghy ride around all the billionaires’ yachts. We have seen big yachts in Annapolis, MD, our home waters, but nothing like the yachts in the Caribbean where there are deep harbors. The hub of this location is the Antigua Yacht Club and Falmouth Harbor Marina. Our boat is far too small of to dock at these facilities, there is no way we would ever even try to dock here. It’s amazing to see a sailboat that is 90 feet long with a mast of 150 feet with 5 spreaders look like a dinghy and is dwarfed by the yachts on each side. FORGET IT.  Here is a photo essay to show the scale.

ATHENA is owned by JAMES CLARK, inventor of NETSCAPE web browser. She is for sale  for around 100 million dollars
The two young ladies walking under the bow of ATHENA gives it scale!
Super Yacht ANNA is owned by a Russian billionaire named: Dmitry Rybolovlev. Notice the helicopter under full cover.
Yacht ANNA’s owner, Rybolovlev’s fortune comes from Uralkali, Russia’s largest producer of potassium fertilizers. He sold his stake for $6.5 billion in 2010.
Price: US$ 250 million with Annual Running Cost: US$ 10- 25 million
Moonrise, 325 feet long and 51 feet wide. Owned by Jan Koum who is a Ukrainian American billionaire businessman and computer engineer. He is the co-founder and was the CEO of WhatsApp, a mobile messaging application that was acquired by Facebook, Inc. in February 2014 for US$19.3 billion.
Moonrise has 18 steps leading up the stern from the swim platform.
MAYAN QUEEN is owned by Mexican multi-billionaire Alberto Baillères, 85, from Mexico City, who has mining, retail and insurance interests. He is not currently on board. Launched in 2008, this yacht was built under high security in Germany by Blohm & Voss
His beloved Mayan Queen IV is worth about $200 million and is one of the largest — and most admired — superyachts in the world
NERO….was commissioned and designed by London-born entrepreneur Neil Taylor. Nero’s design is based on a line of Corsair yachts built by J.P. Morgan. Taylor intended to restore a yacht from J.P. Morgan’s era but was unable to find one that met his requirements, so he planned to build a modern replica. This owner created DIGICEL the cell phone company!
Comanche holds the 24-hour sailing record for monohulls, covering 618 nm, for an average of 25.75 knots
Comanche holds the 24-hour sailing record for monohulls, covering 618 nm, for an average of 25.75 knots
All of these yachts are CHARTER YACHTS, you can rent these. This is a 35 million dollar yacht KAMALAYA:
To give the yacht scale, look at this crewmember cleaning the roof. He is harnessed onto the yacht.
Look closely at the mast and the boom, see the person?
That crewmember was removing the head of the mainsail from the mast track. This gives scale to the boom and gooseneck!

SUPERYACHTS are charter yachts

That is right, you can charter many of these yachts for a vacation and the rich do rent them. By making the yacht a charter yacht, for rent, the owner can use the expenses to offset their income. So, these yachts help the owner pay fewer taxes.  It really is amazing. If you want to see the inside of these yachts, here are links to some of them.

Thanks for sailing along

Antigua, what a great place to sail, explore, sightsee and simply enjoy. We really do like this island. I hope you enjoyed the superyacht tour of the yachts here on the island in Jan 2022.


If you have AMAZON PRIME and or shop with AMAZON, then maybe you might like to see JEFF BEZO’s yacht. We saw this off Sint Maarten at Christmas time. Yacht FLYING FOX is reported to be his, but it is not confirmed. It is only 446 feet long!!!!!!!!!!



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6 Replies to “SuperYachts in Antigua”

  1. Don’t go getting Yacht Envy
    Imagine…if you had one of these you could spend your whole life just cleaning one deck….and probably not finish
    But you might have fun tinkering with the engines

  2. I saw you in your dingy going by our moored Yacht M/V Big Ego.
    By the time one of my deck hands could get to the bow to ask you aboard , Buns was already mid ship and beyond hearing range.I fired the deckhand and am installing a flashing light sign so that this never happens again.
    Please stop by for truffles and mimosas if you can.
    Your confident train engineer;
    Aye Tinnk aye Caan.

  3. Comanche is also owned by Jim Clark along with Hanuman, a J-boat replica. We see many of these boat in New England in the summer – a whole other world from ours but fun eye candy.

  4. Your pics Hayden brought back some great memories of the 4 of us doing the exact same thing as you and Radeen did while taking the pics. Thanks for sharing.

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