Sunsets, Fog & Lobsters

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AM Fog, this was good viz, about 100 yards!

Long Cove off Tenant’s Harbor is a popular and beautiful Maine anchorage. We have been here before with Bobby W. who guided us into the narrow entrance after we were totally lost in the fog. Sure enough, we got fogged in this time here again. Lucky for us, this time it was the next day, in the AM when the fog set in, so we decided to just stay put and read and work on the boat. It is one thing when you are underway and you run into a fog bank with zero visibility as opposed to choosing to go out a tight channel and into zero viz…so staying put was far easier.

While here on anchor in Long Cove, we enjoyed another beautiful sunset off the stern….

The sunset zoomed in over the pine trees

The sunset panoramic and Long Cove, Maine from our anchor.

AM sunrise over the islands off Long Cove, Maine

The Loons with their beautiful calls work the AM fog, notice the house…
FOG LIFTS, next day: Same view as top picture, but NOW we can see the exit
Owl’s Head Lighthouse to the south as you enter Rockland Maine
Local artists painted these cool signs all over town
Lobsters Lobsters everywhere. Full dinner costs $14.00, what a deal.
Schooner and the Rockland Breakwater Lighthouse.
The Breakwater was built in 1902 and is 1 mile long! SOLID Granite
Trouble in Paradise:
NEW OIL leak on the transmission oil seal. We had a similar problem in 2009 when we were up here.
Looks like we will have to deal with this again. For now, it time to enjoy a LOBSTER ROLL 🙂
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