Sunrise Sunset

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Sunset, Alligator River, NC

Sunrise, Sunset…
Sunrise, Sunset…
Swiftly fly the years…
One season following another,
Laden with happiness and tears.

From the Alligator River, Deep Point anchorage sunset to the sunrise this morning in Bonner Bay, we are being treated to some fantastic displays of nature. Add in the company of good friends Laurie and Jim on IP350 KISMET, and you begin to see the treasures of the cruising life.

Photos of the day. (I shot 95 today and one video)

Sunrise lights up the Pungo Canal

Sunrise over our port side lights the trees to starboard

A Bald Eagle in Pungo Canal
Canal debris pile in the morning light

R. E. Mayo Fishing Docks, mid day light

IP350 KISMET at anchor, Bonner Bay

IP35 Island Spirit and IP350 Kismet share dinner and a sunset on Bonner Bay

Sunset on Island Spirit at anchor

The last glimmer of the sun

Sunset Bonner Bay, NC as seen from anchor

Beautiful sky at sunset

Good Morning….the next day…this is the SUNRISE

Sunrise, Sunset, Sunrise, Sunset….Swiftly fly the years…..
Have a beautiful day!

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