Stocking Island Beach Day 1

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Radeen on the hood of our “car” parked on da beach

What day is it? Mon, Tue, Wed, Sat, Sun? We really don’t know, honestly, we really never know what day it is anymore. One of my cruising buddies told me this would happen, and I said no way….well…it is true, it does happen when you are out cruising. It no longer matters what day of the week it is, you simply just enjoy every day and every activity. Activities such as boat jobs, water collection, cleaning da salt off da boat, beach walks, swimming, walking the towns, reading, napping, visiting friends, watching sunsets, studying the night sky and more! These are the simple cruising activities that fill a day, and it actually is fun, very fun. It is peaceful, relaxing, and slow paced. Just keeping the boat maintained and running is job number one, after that you can do what ever you want…..and TODAY, we finally walked and enjoyed a beach off Stocking Island here in the George Town Harbor. We are beginning to see why there are 300 boats anchored here and why so many cruisers make this their winter destination. This place will be difficult to leave!

Here are a few photos of the day
(PS. Internet is $2.00 for 75 minutes and limited to 450mb! This is about it for today.) 

This is BIG D’s where to go for ribs and burgers

Rest under the shade of a casarina tree on the beach

Finally….finally….we get to a beach….ahhhhh

Our “car” parked in a parking space

The road sign at Chat n Chill beach

Radeen walking the beach

Typical rock formation on the beach, this is sharp and jagged

Snails on the rocks and beautiful waves crashing into the rocks
Snails on the rocks at low tide in the sunshine

Shell collection, day 1
The approach to Chat n Chill and Volleyball Beach

Back to the boat, we enjoy the sunset off our stern
The moon rises over the starboard spreader with the Bahamas Flag

We will continue to explore the George Town area and plan to have many more beach days, hiking and discovering the bottom of the Exuma Chain.

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