Star Spangled 200

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USCG EAGLE training ship…

With the engine installed and up and running, it was time to break it in and motor sail across the Chesapeake Bay to Baltimore for the celebration of the 200th anniversary of the Star Spangled Banner. So, we departed Rock Hall, MD at 7 am and made it past Fort McHenry, through the restricted zone, and into the harbor before the practice flights of the Blue Angels began. WOW, they are loud. They flew directly over the harbor and our mast where we are anchored in the spectator area A. The Blue Angels performances are scheduled for Sat and Sun from 2 to 4 pm. Then there will be a massive fireworks display at 9:30pm.  If it is raining, then the fireworks will be Sun night.  We are also here with our buddy boat, IP38 Moondance, Nina and Bob, who just returned from their first trip to Long Island Sound and NYC. They loved it. Other IPs we hope to see this weekend include IP32 Betelgeuse, IP420 Oro Negro, IP380 Tamarack and IP380 Priority.

Our sunrise as we depart Rock Hall. MD

Being on anchor again, with a running engine and a fully equipped cruising sailboat, is a peaceful and joyful activity and we both love it more than ever. We can really appreciate this even more now that all the engine work is finished. We baked homemade bread, shared a sunset with Nina and Bob aboard Moondance, slept in, and enjoyed breakfast around 10:30! WOW, what a peaceful life. It is great to be getting back into the cruising life, even if only for a short while before we haul, paint, wax, close up the house, and load up! For now, we will enjoy this special weekend.

Here are some photos, I love to share….

So much for a simple motor test, unforecast 20-25 knots of wind, spray over the bow

Boat motoring at 1,500 RPMs to break it in, sail full, speed 6.4 knots

The Francis Scott Key Bridge, the entrance to Baltimore harbor

A dinghy tour around the tall ships, a great way to see these beautiful old vessels

1932 USCG EAGLE training ship, 295 feet long, this is the figurehead

Look at the finish on this wood ob “Le Galeon”! OMG

Nina and Radeen share a smile and a sunset, great to reconnect with the team

What is a sailboat without fresh baked bread?

The Pride of Baltimore II sails off our stern

Touring the tall ships via dinghy

Radeen, in the sunrise, WE DID IT, Island Spirit is back on the water!
Our SUNSET off Baltimore, beautiful

If you want to see the events planned for this weekend, they are published at We saw the Navy Jazz Band “The Commodores” perform and enjoyed an IMAX movie depicting the battles against the British leading up to the famous night of September 14, 1814, at Fort McHenry. What a fantastic celebration!

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