Staniel Cay

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Staniel Cay Harbor is great….

While anchored off Big Majors Spot Exuma Island, we ran the Yamaha 15 hp on our 10 foot AB dinghy back and forth to Staniel Cay Yacht Club for diesel fuel and Water. We jugged this fuel in 5 gallon containers and even when carrying 40 gallons of water, the dinghy would still plane and run at about 20 mph! Cruisers have always told us, you need a 15 hp Yamaha and a fast dinghy to cruise the lower islands and this was one day when it really did the job. If you anchor off Big Majors Spot with the swimming pigs, then it is 1 mile+ around the corner and across the bay to the yacht club and town. With a 25 mph tender, this run is quick and easy and dry! We ran into the Grotto to snorkel, we ran to town for a walk, we ran to the fuel dock for diesel and we ran back to the fuel dock for water. About 4 or 5 trip to town from the anchorage and it was no big deal because of the fast dinghy and high speeds we can run at. I agree, if you are going remote, you need a 10 foot+ dinghy and you need a 15 hp Yamaha 2 stroke outboard. It works very well. At about 2 pm, we picked up our anchors and set sail for a nice casual 10 mile broad reach south to Black Point.

Here are more photos of the Staniel Cay / Big Majors Spot area

A beautiful and well stocked store in Staniel Cay

Radeen at the PINK store, can you tell where the name came from?

The PINK store

Nina and Radeen at the BLUE store
Down by the harbor and boatyard

Check out our shadow on the sand under Island Spirit

I love taking these clear water shadow photos
We jugged 40 gallons of water and paid $0.40/gallon + a $4.00 tip ($20)

We jugged 9.2 gallons of diesel fuel

This is where we added fuel and water, while on anchor

Sailing with one of our new buddy boats, MORNING GRACE, heading for Black Point

Blue water under our keel

Shadows under the bow

The swimming pigs on the beach right off our boat

Reaching for Black Point in the late afternoon

The Pride of Staniel Cay, the TIDA WAVE
Joel painting the TIDA WAVE

Notice his brush, he is making the line PERFECT

Touching up the blue and the while line

TIDA WAVE on the beach at Staniel Cay Yacht Club, launching at low tide
They roll her back at low tide then let the high tide lift her

Radeen and Nina pose for a “PhotoBoy” shot at Staniel Cay Yacht Club

Joel is very proud of the community effort and the TIDA WAVE program

Staniel Cay is another must stop visit, it is a beautiful piece of paradise in the middle of the Exuma Islands.

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