St. Marys Thanksgiving, Georgia

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We arrived at St. Marys on Tuesday with plenty of time to take in the town and relax before the famous cruisers’ Thanksgiving event. This is one of the largest gatherings of boating cruisers that I know of for a holiday. This year, our first year, it was attended by 65 yachts from all over the world with several from Australia and New Zealand. Each day leading up to the event, there is a VHF cruisers net at 0900 with information and helpful tips about making the event a success. The town is very accommodating to the visiting boaters providing trash cans, recycle cans, bathrooms, shuttle cars, and more. Much of this work is organized by the owners of the yacht Sea Tramp, our gracious hosts Ann and Len. They worked so hard to make everything flow and keep on track. Imagine organizing 140+ people, who don’t know each other, to assemble a Thanksgiving feast for all. UNREAL work, fantastic job. Along with Ann and Len, the town has the gracious owners of Seagle’s Restaurant and Saloon. This establishment opens their doors to the cruisers and provides the bar, cocktail lounge and full restaurant tables for all to enjoy. Thank you SEAGLE’s. Last but not least, would be Cindy Dean, wild bartender at this establishment. Cindy keeps the drinks flowing and also keeps the room in check as she hurls adjectives, expletives and barbs you would normally only hear in a locker room. In all, it is a blast, and Seagle’s is a real treasure for the cruising community. No other place on the waterway from Maine to Florida has been so accommodating.

Thanksgiving 2011 Cruisers, Gathering in St. Marys Georgia was outstanding. Thank you to all who made this event one of our key destinations for this year!

Photos to follow….

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