St. Augustine Fl

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(Radeen here) St. Augustine’s beautiful 1928 Bridge of Lions is being restored and a temporary lift bridge partially obscures it on approach. This small quaint city is the oldest continuously settled community in the United States! We enjoyed walking around the shops, grand old hotels, horse drawn carriages.
Our mail from home was not being forwarded, as had been so carefully arranged several weeks ago, so this meant a trip to the local post office to fill out more forms. The post office was amazing – everyone has to take a number like at a deli counter and then wait to be called. There were even comfortable chairs for the sitting and the waiting! There were 18 customers in line ahead of us.

P.O. in St. Augustine, FL….TAKE A NUMBER and a SEAT!

In the evening, we went back to the Plaza for an outdoor Christmas Concert by the Southeastern Navy Brass Ensemble. They played a beautiful mix of contemporary and traditional carols surrounded by holiday decorations and palm trees!

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