South Sea of Abaco

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Heart Shaped Coral Rock found at Little Harbor
Also left behind as this is a park

We have been lost in the beauty of the Sea of Abaco below Whale Cay. For the past week or more, we have been exploring areas of beauty and crystal clear waters unlike anything we have seen before. Everyone talks about the “Gin Clear” waters of Abaco and the Bahamas, but until you see it, swim in it, and snorkel it, you simply cannot understand how clear it is. This area “South of the Whale” offers so many anchorages and interesting towns such as Hopetown and Little Harbor, that it is impossible to select a favorite location. Besides the towns, there are spectacular beaches, low tide sand banks and gorgeous coral reef formations to explore. The winds are common trade winds, blowing from the east at 15 knots, and the destinations are mostly north and south, so we can sail to nearly everywhere. After sailing, we select a beach to anchor behind or a town to move into and set the anchor in 6-10 feet of water. We can easily watch the anchor dig into the bottom.

Radeen explores the beach at Little Harbor

Life here is simple, peaceful, easy, relaxing, casual, and breathtaking in beauty. After taking over 2,500 photos, I still cannot capture the perfect photo. Many are beautiful, but the real scene is even more beautiful than pictures can show. We will be sad to turn toward home, but we have another week or more before we do, so we will continue on soaking up the beauty of the Sea of Abaco…

Here are a few photos selected from hundreds…

Pete’s Pub, Little Harbor docks
Radeen and Hayden at Pete’s Pub, Little Harbor
Our Boat Buddies, Radeen, Tom, Carrie, Eric, Carey, Pat, and Bobbie

4 Island Packets on moorings, Little Harbor
Blue Water off Sandy Cay, Bahamas Land and Sea Park
Sunset in Marsh Harbor
Tahiti Beach, Sand Bar at Low Tide
Rip Curl Girl, Radeen snorkeling off the dinghy
AM morning coffee and walk on Tahiti Beach
The very tip of Tahiti Beach at low tide, looking back to the dinghy and our boat at anchor
Octopus at rest
Octopus swimming
Towing the dinghy, notice the shadow on the bottom, 10 feet down!
Google Map of South of Whale Cay


We are beginning to ask ourselves….”Why go Home?”…..but lucky for us, we still have a week or two before we need to make the trek north to Rock Hall, MD. It will take 45 days to travel north, and about 3-4 days to work our way up and around the north end of the Abacos. Then again…we could just stay….

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