Shore Power n Grohe

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We have been working on a few systems over the past couple of days. Primarily the shore power cords and inlet plugs. We have concluded that the dock power is not working properly here as all our own connections are clean and check out with continuity thru the plug and thru the breakers. So, there is no need to work any more on our ship’s 110v systems. We think it is all related to the dock power feed. But then again, the boat next to us has been running air conditioning 24/7 off the same power pole, so who knows. Either way, we have been here 4 days, docked for power to run AC and we have no power. We have spent $235 USD on plug ends and ship power deck connections, etc. No 110v power into the boat, so we gave up.

We took apart our shore power inlets and breakers and we checked continuity on all connections. All checks out fine.
We cut off these old wiring ends and installed new ends, at about $40 each
Easy to do, but it made no difference, still no power into the boat.

We finally gave up, and we said who needs shore power, we do not. We usually are never plugged into a dock and we usually never run the AC, so after 3 days of trying and many hours and hundreds of dollars spent. Forget it. We put the power cords away.

On to Leaking Water system

They say, no good deed goes unpunished.  Well that is true here. Last year, an IP owner was asking how the water faucets come apart and how do you stop a leak. So, while we were sailing south, I decided to take apart our own water system to make a photo essay to help this IP owner. In doing so, I broke our own shower system and we lost water pressure. OH MY GOSH!!!!! So, it took me two days of working on a fix at Rodney Bay, St. Lucia with hardware store parts and I made a fix. Not pretty but we could at least turn back on our water.

So, this year we arrived with parts to fix this problem properly. These Grohe cartridges are odd and very unique. I have never seen them in a home plumbing system. They are the system that seals off the water and or allows it to flow. They are behind the handle and they are thread into the plumbing in the wall or countertop. We carried 6 of these in for all the faucets on Island Spirit. Here are some photos of the process.

Teak box shower faucets are threading into the wall, when removed, you will find these Grohe cartridges.
The shower handle untreads from the wall, and sometimes the cartridge comes out with the handle. that is not good.
The re-built shower faucets with new Grohe.
The Grohe Cratridges look like this, here are new vs old. These cost about $30 to $50 each
The sinks are way easier to take apart.
The sink handle just untreads and there is the cartridge
The sink knobs are odd. They have an offset cam that holds them onto the cone.
When unlucky, the cartridge comes out with the handle. Not you need to get these apart using PB Blaster and being very careful now to damage the threads.

Prepare the “car” the dinghy

We next had to set the dinghy up with her sunshade chaps which protect the fabric from the intense UV. We also needed to add the 15 hp outboard and test the motor as we ran out all the engine fogging oil. We needed to connect the security cable and dinghy seat bag. We are happy to say, the Yamaha started up on one pull. What a great engine, The best of the best. Here is the dinghy hanging in the davits ready to run.

BUNNS II, the 10 foot AB RIB dinghy with a 15 Yamaha in the davits up and running.

With all fixed, it was POOL time

Here at this Port Louis Marina, they have a great pool, so after a day of working on setting up the boat, we hit the pool for a few laps. Radeen loves to swim, so this is becoming a daily event. Now the question is ….”Why Leave hear?”

Radeen with the pool to herself. Love it

Duty fee Shops? WOW

Our friends Dean and Kim heard about a duty free shop in the cruise ship mall where we could get a deal on some liquor. So we rode the local bus for $2.50 ECD each one way. It took a bit of searching to find the store, but it turned out it was in the same shops that we shopped last year when we rode the dinghy over to here. Take a look at this price for Crown Royal, $20 USD! WOW

Crown Royal for $20, who needs some???? Merry Christmas!

Living our Dream

It was 1996 when Radeen and I wrote done this sailing dream to retire in 2011 and to set sail. Now, this is year #9 of retirement and we are still sailing and stretching  our areas and expanding our goals. We will say, that his has been the most challenging year of boat prep and launch. We think it is all due to the heat and humidity and storage of the yacht for 6 months that has taken a toll on the boat. We usually do not have so many issues to resolve when we launch, yet here we had a few that seemed bad. Now with most all fixed, we are into provisioning and loading up to take off.  For now, we will enjoy Grenada, take in the sunsets and enjoy our friends here at the docks with us. This is the sunset as seen from the roof deck of good friends, Fran and Butch owners of Motor Yacht SMARTINI. 

Island Spirit in dock at Port Louis, Grenada, we are getting all set up to set sail for the winter.

SMARTINI, the big Girl


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6 Replies to “Shore Power n Grohe”

  1. Looks like you are finally over the hump and onto the downwind part of the season…Great!
    Why did you change all the Grohe cartridges when you only broke one…or is it like potato chips…you can’t do just one?
    Frustrating about the power…I assume with all the things you tried you did plug into another power pedestal at the dock just to see what happens…curious to see what happens when you get to another place with power.

  2. Love reading your posts of real life sailing.The attitude displayed by Island Spirit is honesty without discouragement ; imagination but not fantasy, intrepid but not uncalculated.

  3. Geez, I’ll be surprised when I see you again if you have any hair left cause my Jim would have pulled the rest of his out by now! What’s that saying…….fixing boats in exotic places! Happy sailing! Loretta and Jim Elliott s/v Plan Sea

  4. Thank you for the essay on the cartridges. I’ve never changed mine on our 89 IP38 but I bet they’re the same. What is the manufacturer’s part number? Did yours leak at the handle or through the faucet?

    Did you check the power with a significant load? For example, with the water heater on. If so, you should have been able to trace the power all the way to the load.

  5. It is a bummer that there is so much work to be done, but at least you are working in a beautiful place AND in warm weather!!! The worst day of sailing is better than the best day at work and all of that 🙂 Love getting to read the updates and see pictures!!!

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