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We have been slacking on our blog but we have been having a great time with good friends for the months of September and October as we have day sailed out of our home slip in Rock Hall, MD. In addition to sailing over to and enjoying Annapolis for weekends, we also have made several drives home to our beautiful home where we re-connected with good friends for a few home town BBQs. Here is a photo essay of the past month…next adventure begins soon, with the run SOUTH on the ICW!
Anita and Mark visit home for a BBQ.
Do these Grls look like college roommates? They were…
Anita & Hayden taught together at the same High School….for 1/2 year!
Sorry I left you, Anita…to go off sailing.
Jim and Hayden enter a secret pact…can’t tell you.
Good time with Jim and Gail, more college roommates

Radeen and Gail sail the Chesapeake Bay
College Roommates also!
Girls….visiting on the bow, Radeen and Gail

Jim, Radeen and Gail say goodbye to Island Spirit on the docks
Great time, unexpectedly good sailing!

A beautiful sunset in a rhombus shape, how unusual!

Dianne and Gene visit for a weekend adventure and sail to Annapolis
Thank you Dianne for the great IPY new clothespin bags….very cool

The WENDY CUP RACE kicks off.
Wendy and Craig sail Island Spirit in Small Craft Advisories for Annapolis
We get in a race….Hence….the Wendy Cup is born!

We have Island Spirit locked on the bridge.
Craig is a master at the helm and upwind sailing!

We win the Wendy Cup and take mooring ball #1
My FAV in Annapolis for the weekend

We celebrate the victory meal with competitor Dave on IP35 Eau de Vie
Dave was a good sport and let us WIN as we cut to corner for the “A” spider at Annapolis

Craig provides our LIVE music program on Island Spirit
We have our usual sing along and fantastic music that Craig provides!
Thank you CRAIG we LOVE the guitar skills you bring onboard!

BRRRRR….we sail home in cold Weather, but Annapolis is so much fun.

Island Spirit knows the way….autopilot for home

I never get tired of photographing this bridge
The Chesapeake Bay Bridge

We sail under with ease, heading for home

BRRRRR….thank you, full ENCLOSURE
This is early October,  sailing on the Chesapeake Bay

We return home to be greeted by our pet HERON, named HERBERT

OK…back to Annapolis MD for the SAILBOAT SHOW
WE love to go to this by boat….Off we go again…

Time to CELEBRATE 10 Yrs CANCER FREE!!!!!! THANK YOU Dr. Kevin Fox!
We plan a night of reflection at the Chart House Restaurant.
Radeen looks so beautiful.

Time to reflect. We bought Island Spirit when Radeen was on chemo.
Now, 10 yrs later, and 12,000+ miles we are healthy and happier than ever!

Annapolis Boat Show Time…
Five Days of boat show, Thur to Monday
Seminars on the ICW, Gulf Stream, and the Bahamas

Conrad and Myrna host THE BEST Wine and Cheese Party EVER!
Thank you team Oro Negro for a great night.

Captain Blaine Parks joins the party in Annapolis…
hey…Who let this cool dog into this party????

Sadly, there are friends who were un-photographed, like Fred & Gail who came for a Friday nite B-B-Q.  John & Nancy came to the Boat Show with gourmet meals and invited us to their new home in Lancaster for Sail-Rite sewing lessons, but there are no pictures to prove it!

So….overall….it has been a great time visiting with friends, sharing our passion for sailing and simply living the dream! We have been onboard since June 24, and it is now October 20. We have lived aboard nearly 4 months, we sailed to Acadia, Maine, and every day we appreciate how lucky we are to be here.

Thank you to all our friends for sharing in our sailing dreams!

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