Season #22 BEGINS

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With a ton of work behind us, after the summer of refit, we have finally untied the dock lines Thursday at Oct 6th, 2022 at 1900 hrs. Out to the creek we went and dropped the hook. Our 22nd season on Island Spirit has begun. The goal is southbound to Florida, then the Bahamas, and back to the Caribbean Sea where the water if indigo blue and the beaches are pristine. Can’t wait. For now, it is a 20-day run south to Stuart Florida for Thanksgiving. 

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5 Replies to “Season #22 BEGINS”

  1. Oh! I’ll bet Raydeen was a well-loved librarian!
    Looking forward to sharing your adventures this season, through your posts. Thanks, again, to both of you for sharing both the joys and hard work of boat ownership with us. We’ve learned a lot from you two!

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