Sarasota Florida

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Good friends, Debbie and Craig met us at Marina Jack’s
IP440 CHARMED former IPY owners

I may begin to sound like a broken record, but…..THIS PLACE (Sarasota, FL)  IS GREAT! We really like this town and the waterfront facilities. Sarasota has worked hard to create a beautiful waterfront center based around Marina Jack’s and O’Leary’s. Up the hill from the waterfront, you will find a really vibrant main street with cafes, pubs, investment houses, salons, Whole Foods, library, public transit hub and more. Radeen and I always say that if we move anywhere, then the town must have a nice town center and a massive modern library.

The Selby Public Library of Sarasota

Ever since we earned our new master’s degrees online via Drexel University, I gained a new love of and respect for public libraries. We worked on these degrees from the boat, as we traveled up the AICW in the spring of 2008. Along the way, we spent many full days in public libraries from Vero Beach, FL to Rock Hall, MD. We really enjoy spending time in nice public libraries and Sarasota has built one of the best.

The Mooring field and the no anchor area, Sarasota, Fl

Sarasota has also worked hard at ridding the harbor of derelict boats that ruin a waterfront. To accomplish this, they have installed a large mooring field (phase 1 now) and they have marked off a no anchoring section in the rest of the harbor. The remaining area for anchoring is far away and is in 4 foot to 7 foot water depths. If you ARE anchored, you have a very rocky shore line for landing the dinghy.You are not allowed to dock at their dinghy dock because you are NOT on their moorings!

So there are a few challenges to the cruising boater if you want to anchor. If you move in and take a transient mooring, of which there are only four, then you are directly up against the high speed channel leading boats into Marina Jack’s. The obvious solution to this, is to move the NO WAKE ZONE out beyond the mooring field.

Town Center and the Whole Foods Market

Overall, Sarasota is really a great town, even with these small cruising challenges. Marina Jack’s is a top notch facility with a beautiful waterfront restaurant.

I can see spending much more time exploring and learning about the Sarasota area…..

…Sarasota Dolphins and Water Fountain…
Our view from Mooring Ball #1 with Jack’s Marina and Island Park off our stern
Jack’s with the Dolphin Sculpture and Water fountain
Those palm trees are on the BOAT….a big tour boat
The No Wake Zone needs to be expanded! 
Where we anchored in the center of the harbor, before we were asked to move
Radeen handled this officer’s notification of our anchoring error FAR BETTER than I would have.
I was working in the bilge on B&G wiring issues….
So, we have had a wonderful and a diverse time here in Sarasota. We have really enjoyed the town, the waterfront, and most of all, visiting our friends Debbie and Craig, whom we will continue to see as we move on 20 nautical miles to Bradenton and Snead Island Boat Works…
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  1. Hayden – love seeing this post as my sister lives in Bradenton (and CT). She just left there yesterday, driving to CT for the summer. Enjoy! I have never seen the Sarasota bay – I know their favorite beach is nearby – Siesta Key? Can't remember right now. Hope to see you this summer! Jim and Jan – "Summer Slopes"

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