Sailing to Marie Galante

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Making water while sailing to Marie Galante east of Guadeloupe on Island Spirit while under B&G autopilot sailing to a given wind angle. We thought there would be no wind, so we left the mainsail zipped in the stack pack. Well, there was a perfect 12-15 knot beam wind so we unfurled the jib and staysail.

We are never disappointed with the sailing capabilities of our Island packet 35. There tends to be this idea that these boats, Island Packet Yachts,  do not sail well, when they really sail very well.  No, it is not a J-Boat, but it sails well and it is comfortable.

Enjoy this short 3 minute video.

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2 Replies to “Sailing to Marie Galante”

  1. Hayden,

    I have fond memories of sailing to Marie Galante some 30 years ago. I’ll be interested to see your impression of that beautiful place. We visited a rum distillery that was quite primitive but very cool. We rode in a horse drawn cart that was actually being used to transport the rum not a tourist type. Hope all is well and keep sailing

  2. Thanks for taking us along on this lazy sail. Just love the sound of the boat pushing through that beautiful water! Can’t wait for the next post! Be well. Loretta Elliott

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