Sailing to Eleuthra

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A beautiful am sail….

The sail from Cambridge Cay to Eleuthra is about a 45 mile leg, and usually a good sail. Today, we were expecting to motor the passage because the forecast was for light and variable winds. We departed at 0730 and raised sails in Cambridge Cay and found a beautiful 12-15 knot reaching wind on our port beam. So, we had a wonderful sail for about 3-4 hours until the winds moved NE and ended up light and 30 degrees off out port bow which we can not sail.

So we left the sails up and fired up the engine and motor sailed the rest of the way into Rock Sound where we dropped anchor. The winds are to build from the southwest tonight and blow 25-28 knots all day tomorrow, so we anchored off the western shore of this massive 1.5 mile by 3 mile harbor. If we want to run the tender to town, it would be a 1.5 mile run from this side of the harbor. So, we might just hang out here until the winds move NE. When that happens we will then pick up anchor and move the 1.5 miles to the other side of Rock Sound where we will be right off the town dock. There are about 15 boats anchored in here for the weather, and about 6 or maybe 7 are Island Packet Yachts. So, it looks like an IPY minivous!

Here are a few fun GoPro sailing photos taken today…

A very cool angle with the GoPro looking down the Main Sail to the deck

Sailing with the staysail and the full jib and main, making 6 knots

GoPro Camera out on the boat hook

Island Spirit sailing and running all on solar panels

Buddy Boat IP38 Moondance sailing full 
Blogging tools
As for our weather, THIS IS what it will do Tue and Wed, this is showing 25-30 knots of NW winds. This is WHY we anchored on the WEST side of the harbor.
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  1. This blog begs me to ask that age old question:

    Why did the IP cross the bay?

    Love your GoPro shots. I have to get one of those bad boys before we go to Alaska so I can mount it on the front cap of the Monty and do a drive lapse video.

    Love the blogging tools. Required equipment.

    Party on Garth.

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