Sailing to Eleuthera

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…The sailing to Eleuthera was fantastic..

We really enjoyed our 4 days in Warderick Wells, but it was time to press on and sail on over to Eleuthera and into Rock Sound. The winds were E to SE 12-17 with a few gusts to 20-22 knots. With SE winds we were mostly on a beam reach and the seas were 2-3 also on the beam, so it was a dream sailing day. Our autopilot sailed us on the 30 mile crossing to Powell Point. We then sailed partway around the sandbars until we needed to fire up the motor and power into the harbor.

Working the GoPro on a long boat hook

Rock Sound is a very large harbor that is easily 1.5 miles across and there are dinghy docks and landing places for getting to shore. We were in need of water, as we last took on water in Gerorgetown, 12 days ago, and our 90 gallon tank was getting low! Yes, we made it 12 days on about 65-70 gallons of water, and we do shower everyday! We estimated our water usage at about 5-6 gallons a day total. While on anchor in Rock Sound, we jugged 75 gallons of water from the beach to the dinghy to the deck and into the water tanks. This is a bit of a task, but we have done this before and here in the Bahamas, where water is $0.50/gallon when you find free water, you take it, even if you have to carry it!

The Market Place in Rock Sound, very modern!

Our other task on in Rock Sound was to explore the Market, which is very modern and new. We picked up a few items like milk, cheese, yogurt, eggs, and a few snacks, and checked out with a $95.00 bill! WOW, food is expensive here in Eleuthera. Good thing the RUM is cheap 🙂 We plan to walk more of the town and discover this well known gem of a location. One thing is for sure, you can easily tell this island is far more developed than the others simply by walking the roads and the visiting the market.

Here are some photos of the area

This is a really cool shot from the GoPro that was sideways up on a long boat hook
Radeen manages the helm and the logbook
Sailing at 7 knots in 21 knots on the beam…..perfect
The chart with us in the middle of the Exuma Sound sailing for Eleuthera
Calm seas, 2-3, beam winds, this is the shade of blue of coming up on soundings
from the deepest ocean blue
Beam reaching, midway across the Sound
An Eleuthera home in restoration need
Looking into the window and out the roof
Island Spirit anchored off the town dock
One of the many cottages you can rent on the beach in Rock Sound
$7.44 for a jar of peanuts!
Milk is $5.85 for a half gallon
This is what $95.00 of groceries looks like and we bought no meat!
Best deal: Ramen Noodle @ $0.38 each!
This is our access to town – the dock where we tie up the dinghy

Bahamas…..beautiful…but the PEOPLE…. are even more so. Everyone we meet is so friendly, so kind, very calm, patient and very willing to help you. This is what truly makes the Bahamas so special. The people are wonderful!

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  1. That's some cool shots of the boat. Do I see some kite photography in your future?

    The color blue never gets tiring. There's no blue like the color of the sea…. Just gorgeous.

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