Sailing off Fort Pierce, FL

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We departed Vero in the AM heading south for the ocean inlet called Fort Pierce to go sailing for the day. Being tied to the docks for a week made us long for some sailing. So, with 10 days till our new Drexel U. semester begins, we decided to take off on some Island Spirit Adventures. Here is a video of our day sail. We had an easterly swell of 3 feet with a SE wind of 8-10 knots, so sailing was not that adventurous, but still, it is December and we were sailing! Temps are in the 75-80 degree range and the water temp is 68.8 degrees. After sailing, we headed back in the inlet and anchored off the G9 anchorage.

Right after the anchor was set, the cell phone rang and it was Sam and Carolyn, IP owners of MELAKA II, an IP485, who called as they were looking at us from the balcony of their condo! They invited us to come ashore and share a drink and go out for a bite to eat! What a treat, and what a community of Island Packet Owners! Here we are, anchored off Fort Pierce, FL and an IP owner calls us to come on over for a visit…unreal…community!

Sailing Video of the Day
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