Sailing into George Town

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…Our sailing into George Town…

We sailed the 20-25 gusting 30 knot North Northeast winds and ran for George Town. This was a 36 nm leg and we sailed all of it with just enough motoring to get out and set sail and to drop the anchor. What a great say of sailing. We use the B and G autopilot set to wind vane steering so the boat will hold a given angle to the wind. This allows us to set sail and the boat will follow the wind. On this leg, it was set at 115 degrees. We started the sail with 110% jib out and ended up with the full 135% jib out as we sailed into George Town. Island Packet Yachts love 20-25 knots of wind as they are full keel, heavy displacement boats that need lots of wind to sail well, the trade off is that in this condition they are also very, very comfortable because this is what the boat was designed for, ocean sailing. We are always pleased with the way Island Spirit will sail in heavy winds, she is a great boat.

Under sail in 20 knots+ comfy

Once in town, we sailed to Kidd Cove, dropped the anchor and dinghy and headed off to jug 30 gallons of water as we were totally out of water. Over the next day, we jugged 100 gallons of water, 5 gallon jugs, 10 gallons of diesel, and 6 gallons of gasoline. We needed services and in George Town there is free water, you just have to jug it out to your boat. It is the same with diesel, we jug fuel her as well. George Town is a cruising mecca and there are over 300 boats anchored in the harbor. We plan to stay through Regatta week and then move back up into the Exumas Land and Sea Park. For now, it is beach hikes, beach walks, Chat n Chill with buddies, volleyball beach, Beach Yoga, Water Aquatics, and cruiser lectures. So many people and so much going on. We can see why so many yachts make this their winter destination.

GoPro photo out the port side

GoPro Sailing photo

Sailing at 7 knots
Blue water off the stern

Radeen manages the log book

7 knots and sailing well

Hooked on

Island Spirit is very comfortable under sail

This is our course from Miami

Boat Buddies at George Town Regatta
Radeen & Hayden. Leslie & Tim, Kathy & Eric

Running into Dinghy Dock at George Town

Anchored off Chat n Chill

Our boat as seen from Chat n Chill

Chat n Chill selfie

Chat n Chill signature drink, Goombay Smash with a floater

My favorite model

Chat n Chill sign post

Great friends, Suzy and Dave on 37 Cay Paraiso

Sunset off Island Spirit

The beautiful church on a high hill in George Town

Anglican Church of George Town

Beautiful sanctuary


My favorite model and photo subject
Peace and Plenty cafe in town overlooks the harbor

Refrigerated containers are the way cold food gets here

Refrigerated containers are delivered by mail boat and lifted off by cranes

The generator on a refrigerated container

The entire set up, genset, diesl fuel tank and refrigerator

This is $35.00 of food, now you know why….delivery is very expensive.

Whiteaker Yacht Sales flying off Chat n Chill

Our beautiful home, IP35 Island Spirit

That is us, Island Spirit

What can can be seen from Chat n Chill, THE IP FLAG and WYS
Bubble Bath beach with Suzy and Dave

Radeen and Suzy floating in crystal clear waters

Selfie in the Bubble Bath

Exumas, such clear waters

Look at the fun

Cruising Life is great with good buddies

George Town is such an easy place to live on the hook, and we can see why there are 300+ boats anchored here for the winter. Beautiful beaches, fun people, lots of activities, trails to hike, and crystal clear waters. From here we will move back up to the Cambridge Cay area, where we hope to break in our new dive gear! It’s about time!

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