Sailing Green Turtle To Fort Pierce FL

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…Wing on Wing home..

We had a fantastic sail all the way from Green Turtle to Fort Pierce, Florida with about 3 hours of total engine time! Wing on Wing from GT to Great Sale and then all the way across the Little Bahama banks at night under wing on wing in 20-25 knots. Daybreak we crossed into the ocean turned 30 degrees to port and jibed the jib dropping the pole and adding in the staysail.

Beam Reaching Gulf Stream

Now sailing nearly a beam reach in 20-25 we sailed hull speed across the gulf stream dealing with confused seas and then into the Ft. Pierce inlet. Of course we hit the inlet 3 hours early at the max ebb current, but we ran into the ragging inlet with a full main and staysail and added 2500 rpms of engine. Of course the winds picked up to a solid 30-35 knots on the beam and a full main was really WAY too much sail. Surfing down the quarter waves she would round up to port and with a full hard over helm, LUCKILY, she would dive down wind and down wave and keep pointing into the out flowing 3.5 knot current.

Fort Pierce Inlet 35 kntos!

Running between the rock wall jetties on either side with the waves crashing OVER the jetty really kicked up our adrenaline on our sleep deprived bodies! It was a bit on the edge, but Island Spirit is a ROCK, and she blasted into that inlet like a champ! THIS BOAT IS A BEAST. Afterwards, we both pounded down several RUM SHOTS to calm our nerves, then we dropped the main sail and headed up to Vero Beach. This winter we have had the best sailing, traveling 2,325 nm!

We have a total of 11 hours motoring time (with charging) from Hope Town Lighthouse to Vero Beach FL!

Our Bahamas Trip #5 is a wrap. I have 9,152 photos and I blogged 1,450 of them. I really enjoy photography.

Thank you all for sailing along with us, we really appreciate that.

Departure Point, Green Turtle Club
Out for Breakfast to reflect on year #5 of the Bahamas

Set Sail and sail Wing on Wing for Great Sale Cay

48 NM sailing Wing on Wing

Heading West, leaving the Bahamas

Too Beautiful to not take more photos

Selfie GoPro from the Bow, Wing on Wing

OK, this is getting carried away

Just one more, sailing is sooooo much fiun

Radeen at the helm, she love to travel and loves to sail

Night time we continue sailing Wing on Wing in 20-25 knots

We hit the Gulf Stream and turn to port

Look Full sails and beam reaching for Fort Pierce, A Dream

Check the bow wave, if you know sailing, you know this is great

Two Sleep deprives sailors just holding on and hooked on,

Blue water off our stern

OMG, The Fort Pierce inlet in a Rage outflowing 3.5 knots

We power sail into the rage and into the inlet

The inlet waves are 6 to 8 feet and we have a full main and stay sail up

Of course the winds pick up solid 30-35 gusting to 38 knots TRUE

The ebb is meeting the ocean swells and the waves are large
This one is over WELL over the jetty, 8 feet

Island Spirit Powered in and got us home….an amazing yacht

Our 5th trip into the Bahamas is a wrap, and we have so many fond memories of the beautiful Country. The people of the Bahamas are so nice, the waters are so clear, and the islands and beaches are a dream. We really cannot imagine a more beautiful place then the Exumas Land and Sea Park. Next year we will return, God Willing, and we will explore the area again. Then our plan to is to go on to the Caribbean, we need to expand our territory.  Thank you so much for sailing along with us, it is wonderful to share this dream.

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  1. Great post Hayden & Radeen! Love the inlet photos! Only you wild sailors would take photos at the inlet in those conditions. I think you guys are what Chris Parker calls "salty sailors."

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