Sailed off the GRID to GT

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Motor Sailing Black Point to George Town, Bahamas

We have nearly sailed right off the grid…..the “connectivity grid” that is. We are now in George Town, GT, Exumas, Bahamas anchored off CHAT n CHILL. We are about 1/2 mile off their beach and we have our new 55 lb ROCNA anchor out, you know, the one I bought for  Radeen’s Christmas Gift. Well, this is why we bought it. It will blow 30+ knots tonight and we have out 150 feet of HT chain in 20 feet of water. We should be good with this, and we are looking for the winds to change from West to Northwest to North to Northeast, Once NE, we will have CHAT n CHILL upwind and our beach will be right off our bow giving us

Radeen filling in the log book, Jeff and Hayden blasting to GT

Over all, our run from Miami was easier than expected. Mainly because we have our good friend and great crew member Jeff onboard for the “Blast to George Town!” Our run was, as planned…

1. Miami to Morgan’s Bluff on Andros (overnight on the banks and out NW channel)
2. Morgan’s Bluff to West Bay on New Providence (we got stuck there 3 day w/25 knots ESE)
3. West Bay to Highborne Cay (fantastic sail, close hauled…get fuel and water)
4. Highborne Cay to Black Point (take Radeen out for Lobster Dinner at Lorraines)
5. Black Point out Dotham Cut to George Town (motor sail in 15-20 with it 20 degrees off stb bow)

Total Distance, 325 nautical miles

Jeff’s house rental begins now on Sunday Feb 17-24 and his wife Sharon is flying in for a winter vacation along with friends from California! Jeff will be taking the water taxi run by ELVIS, the harbor master, to shore if it is too rough to use the tender. We plan to stay here for a while, relax and tour the island and the area with Jeff and Sharon. After that, we hope to press on and explore from here. We now have a full month to explore from here back up to the Abacos.

Thank you for following along.

Hayden, Radeen and Jeff on anchor off Vollyball Beach, George Town, Bahamas.

Look at the BLUE WATER…..beautiful 

Radeen’s Blue Shirt is NOT as blue as the water!
Radeen overlooks the George Town approach, again, look at the water color
Salt spray has been spraying over the windshields for seven days!
Our boat is so salty and crusty….
Dotham Cut just north of Black Point. This is a great exit to sea
Notice the north rocky point, the opening is about 300 feet wide!

Here in George Town, there are over 300 boats on anchor and we too are anchored right at ground zero off Volleyball Beach at Chat n Chill. We will relax here, take a break, explore the town and the beaches and hiking trails. From here…..who knows, we may head south more…

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  1. Remember… the earth is flat… don't sail off the end!

    Winds were blowing a week ago here too. No worry about the anchor dragging mon!

    So happy that you guys are having a blast.

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