Sail Hope Town Sail

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…Sailing shot via GoPro on a Boat Hook..

…And that is exactly what we did, we sailed off Tahiti Beach to Hope Town, dropped anchor, then sailed from Hope Town back to Marsh Harbor where we returned to the Jib Room for another “Cruisers Gathering” and musical jam session. What a great time, we are so blessed with such great friends and a great cruising lifestyle….

My best story is always via photos

The beauty of HopeTown
Wendy and Craig take in the view, looking out to Island Spirit
Let’s play the Hope Town Architecture Game….find this…
….and find this vista…..
Did I tell you Craig loves to sail…..Wendy says, Hey, it is WINDY!
THIS is NOT windy…..this was downwind from Tahiti Beach
Wendy, Craig, Debbie, Steve, and Wendy enjoy the Jib Room

Cruisers’ Jam Session, How Much FUN!
Linda, the Owner of the Jib Room also enjoyed the Cruisers’ Jam Session

I told you we sailed, and sailed lazy, Jib only 

Sailing north from Tahiti Beach, beautiful morning rush hour!

Tomorrow….we are expecting a storm front to arrive from Florida. This front has a serious record of damage and high winds and even hail. For that reason, we returned to a slip at the JIB ROOM and we will wait it out there…..Thanks for following along….

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  1. Great pictures 🙂
    How come you cant see the pole, ón which the GoPro is mounted? And how dó you fasten the GoPro to the pole?
    BR Judith

  2. H & R, your blog is almost unbelieveable! Don't know how you have enough time to have soooo much fun AND document and share it w/ others! In any event, your blog sure makes my morning wake-up very enjoyable! Thanks!

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