Sadly Leaving Exumas

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Today, Easter Sunday, we sail out of the Exumas and Northeast to Eleuthra heading for Rock Sound. We are sad to leave this beautiful place, but the seasons of cruising are pre set by the weather patterns, and April is for Abaco and the Jib Room and May is for the USA East Coast, so on we will go. Here is a photo essay of the last few days. Dream, dream beaches, waters, and sailing….NOTE: this was uploaded via Warderick Wells Satellite Internet Systems at deadly slow speeds and at $15 for 100 megs for 24 hours, this about took the full 100 megs!

Remember, click images for full screen shots.

Make sure you plan for a season sailing the Exumas. Set a cruising goal to do so, you will NOT be disappointing at all.
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0 Replies to “Sadly Leaving Exumas”

  1. Hi Hayden and Radeen, we sure love following your sailing journeys and renewing our memories of our times with you in the beautiful waters of the Bahamas! Julie and I.

    Julie and I recall that you may have been looking to buy a condo from earlier conversations. We want to
    let you know, that we are seeling our 2 Bedroom, 2 bathroom, condo, and moving to the West Coast to be closer to our family. We have our 9th grandchild coming in September to Lukas and Katherine. We will also be selling our boat.

    Let us know if you have interest in the condo. I can send you pictures. It is on Siesta Key.

    Blessings, Dixey

  2. Great photos guys. Looking forward to seeing you up here soon.
    Something happened to your overall 15/16 map. Only shows your latest leg to Rock Sound.


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