Rum Point Absecon Inlet Atlantic City

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Wed, Thur, Friday Aug 29, 30, 31, 2007….Rum Point Anchorage…. SEE VIDEO BELOW

Here is a full update on Atlantic City, RUM POINT anchorage where we still are anchored. The key features:
1. Easy in/out entrance
2. Homemade day markers REDS guide you in
3. The channel has now been dredged due to million dollar plus homes newly built in the cove
4. 5 min across the creek into CLAM CREEK for fuel, water, and pumpout
5. Dinghy dock at Senator Frank S. Farley marina / Trump Casino
6. Great Family owned KAMMERMAN’s Marina and FUEL dock OPPOSITE from Trump.
a. Trump docks = $4.50/foot
c. Kammerman’s docks = $2.40/foot
d. Kammerman’s fuel = $2.80/gal diesel
e. Ice cream = $2.00, but boat water is free

Now the update on the anchorage. The anchorage is all 10-12 feet deep at mid tides and the tides are 4-5 feet, so anywhere is good. The bottom is all mud and goo, and you need a deck wash when you haul up chain. The entire cove, creek name? is about 1-1.5 miles deep with canals off the main creek. Homes are new, beautiful, and have 50 to 60 foot POST fishing boats tied up to the back of the homes. The creek / cove has NO PUBLIC EXIT POINT, yet the end of the cove is right at a shopping center with food store, liquor, bank and a burger king as far as we can see from the dinghy. At anchor the small 20 foot ski boats with a child wake boarder or skier behind may circle you for 30 minutes and yes the fast jet ski with a person or tube in tow will also circle you in the cove. They are not allowed to run the creek, 6 knots there, but in the round cove to the right and the left of the creek where the anchorages are, they ski and run full tilt. No big deal because they are small and it is mid week. I bet on Sat / Sun this place would be a full blown race track. For some reason they do not ski or run out the channel and into the ocean or back bays. They like the flat water of the cove, just like we do. By 7pm they are all home for dinner. Yesterday we had 2.

We have been here all day yesterday, and we plan to stay here all day today as we wrap up our week #10 of 10 for Drexel University Graduate school. Verizon broadband is the fastest we have found from Rock Hall to Block Island so we have easy access to the Drexel resources and our classroom boards.

We will move to Cape May, NJ and anchor off the Coast Guard Station for the Labor Day Weekend, and there, we will be thrown out of our bunks at 5am as the fishing fleet departs the harbor. Then by mid day the pleasure boats will be running the inlet and it would be too much to ask for them to slow down as they pass the 10 or more anchored sailboats. This IS the reality of the Cape May anchorage. So that is why we are staying here and working.

Our treat tonight will be a dinghy run over to Trump Casino and a walk around the resort.

2 min Video of the Cove, inlet and anchorage!
(click video TWICE to play)

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